People_MichelleWolf-300x169Hey, this comedian is a nice lady. I don’t watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah so I had no idea that she has fun energy and even a funny voice. The title of this, which I believe is her first TV stand-up gig, mentions a nice lady which I thought should be stated with a sarcastic tone. Upon watching the next 65 minutes I thought we were going to find out just why she wasn’t such a nice lady. Of course, the way a lot of comedy structure is built it all comes full circle by the end.

It all starts with a talk of feminism and goes into why Hilary Clinton didn’t take the Presidency. To follow Wolf’s logic people wanted a ‘nice lady’ not a forceful woman with a shrill voice – but people with shrill voices “get things done.” And then you let Michelle Wolf get her comedy routine done with her own shrill voice. She riffs on the environment and how nature is sexist, the mystery surrounding public bathrooms, how it’s easier to conceive a baby than to make a croissant, and ponders just what is up with men’s balls.

Wolf has her routine down perfectly including the pace for which she goes from topic to topic. Yes, there was some editing but the way she structured her gig was quite seamless regardless. She kept it going with enough pauses in the right places to let the joke you were just hit with register with you. As for that shrill voice? You would have found it annoying if she didn’t acknowledge it and set it up that it is because of it that she too is forceful and effective. Add the smile, a twinkle in the eye and some well-placed blunt talk at times and you sit up and take notice. So, even though she includes herself as not being a ‘nice lady’ you find out that she is and a funny one also.

MICHELLE WOLF: NICE LADY, which debuted on Saturday, 12.02 appears across HBO’s platforms.

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