At the end of June HBO hit a milestone. HBO Sports televised its 1000 boxing bout! With its rewarding award-winning coverage and innovative filmmaking prowess the HBO Sports team has elevated the sport for fans. It has covered some colossal pugilistic battles over the decades and HBO honors that tradition and celebrates that milestone with a video tribute.

Yes, the bigger matches hold our attention. HBO aired The Rumble In The Jungle and the Thrilla in Manila. All the big names are in that video; Tyson, Pacquiao, De la Hoya, Chavez, Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard and more. Also contributing to the total number of bouts, though not necessarily in the clip, were various matches covering all the weight classes of the sport. And HBO covered it all. Blow for blow, all the blood, sweat and fears. They covered all the knockouts, all the attitude all the hype, all the glory.

Boxing_Celebrating1000-300x232In later years, you could argue, and HBOWatch has mentioned, that HBO has lost some big players in this sport over the past year or so, but HBO sticks with it because the next big boxing superstar in any class could come busting out of their corner at any moment and HBO Sports wants to be there.

The bout that marked the achievement for the network was the Bradley vs. Vargas matchup on 06.27. HBO called the fight a terrific fight which reached a dramatic and confusing conclusion as Jessie Vargas, hopelessly down on the scorecards, landed a huge right hand with 15 seconds remaining, briefly thought he had defeated Timothy Bradley with a last-moment referee stoppage, and wound up a unanimous loser on the scorecards. It was the correct result, and the scores were just about right, but the fact that a referee error denied Vargas seven seconds to complete what would have been a massively improbable comeback both took some of the gloss off Bradley’s otherwise largely dominant performance and set the stage for a rematch that, until that one big punch, would not have been on anybody’s mind.

The 1001 televised fight is:



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