HBO ‘Calls its Banners’ for Third Game of Thrones Premiere

UPDATE: The world has heard HBO’s call.  “Game of Thrones Season 3” is now a trending “Hot Topic” on Google domestic search.  Right up there with the Final Four and Easter Bunny.

The folks behind HBO’s digital team have come up with some great campaigns over the years.  “Waiting Sucks” for True Blood and the dragons invading the New York Times.  But for Game of Thrones season 3 HBO came up with another genius play.

Imagine if  each smash hit HBO series from the past were a House in Westeros with their own sigil and house words.  HBO has called upon their bannermen to fly their crests high today:

A lot of inside jokes for HBO fans there.  Did you catch them all?  HBO tweeted these out through their official twitter account.  Follow them for more goodies.

Great work, HBO.  House HBOWatch flies it’s banners tonight as well.  “The Watchers on the Wall” you might say.


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