HBO adds 190,000 New Subscribers

HBO_Logo-ratingsPremium television subscriptions look to be on the rise this year as SNL Kagan, a group generally accepted as the authority on these matters released new numbers for the fourth quarter of 2011.  HBO itself added 190,000 subscribers while other networks such as Shotime and Starz bring the total number of new premium cable subscribers up to 2.2 million for that period of time.  The apparent rebounding economy, coupled with the slew of amazing subscriber magnets such as HBO’s Game of Thrones help contribute to these numbers.  Cable networks such as DISH have also been offering more ‘free to try’ subscriptions as of late.

We predict that Q1 and Q2 numbers for HBO will only improve as Game of Thrones, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire make their way to the silver screen for the year.  New programs such as Girls and Veep, if sucesful, may also contribute to another bump in numbers for the first half of 2012.  HBO has a ton of new programs on the way that make that subscription worth every penny.  Take a look at our HBO Premiere Schedule page for all of the latest.

Imagine what these numbers might look like for HBO if they offered a stand-alone online option via HBOGo!  I’d be willing to be they’d have no problem pulling 500,000 new online-only subscriptions if only for people wanting to watch Game of Thrones!  Is anyone out there listening, HBO?  The people want it and HBOGo is the only program standing that could handle it.  Congratulations on the cable subscribers, HBO!  Loyal fans will be there wherever you offer your premium content.  If you’re one of those 200,000 new fans– welcome to the club!  Leave a comment with your own thoughts below.


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