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Hard Knocks In Season: The Indianapolis Colts Finale

by Travlis Hallingquest
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Our fearless editor asked me to wrap up Hard Knocks In Season with a short blurb. The following was provided:

The regular season has ended and conversely the Indianapolis Colts’ playing days this NFL season. Their valiant effort did not go unnoticed, for they lead the league in Pro Bowl selection. This run of Hard Knocks gives justification to in-season episodes of the HBO series. Perhaps we will soon follow a team all the way to the Super Bowl.


But “hold up, hold up”, says our editor. The ninth episode appeared in the HBO queue at its usual time on Wednesday at 10pm ET. Unless HBO decides to follow NFL teams into the off-season, there will be no more iterations of Hard Knocks until the 2022 NFL season.

The Colts needed a win to make the playoffs but lost to the Jaguars, the NFL’s worst team in 2021. Losing the final game of the season; a game that decides if the playoffs are in a team’s future is the worse way to end a season. In the 26-11 loss, Wentz was 17-for-29 with 185 passing yards, a single touchdown pass, an interception, and six sacks. He hadn’t completed more than 20 passes in a game since November. Although the mainstream sports media praises Wentz’s overall 2021 performance, he has been the subject of ridicule for his post-Thanksgiving outings. Certainly, the QB’s performance will make or break a team, but what about the offensive line that allowed Wentz to be sacked six times? Conversely, the league’s leading rusher Jonathan Taylor showed his appreciation by purchasing Louis Vuitton travel bags for the entire offensive line.

Although all teams enter the season with “we can rest after the Superbowl” mentalities, the Colts’ players and staff can enjoy their families and watch fellow NFL members carry on the gridiron action. Some players may be traded or cut before the next season. Some of the coaching staff could be shuffled. This is the nature of professional sports.

Hard Knocks will return next season, and given the positive response to Hard Knocks In Season, the latter will most likely follow suit. We will inform you when both series return this Fall.

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