HARD KNOCKS 2014 Still Up For Grabs

HardKnocks1I chose SI.com, which is Sports Illustrated, over a number of sites, as a source for the following report – the NFL has not made a decision yet on the team showcased on the 2014 edition of HARD KNOCKS. However, the surprising news is that the ball organization will not have to force a team into that spotlight.

 It appears that the few teams that were on the short list of eligibility don’t have to sweat it because a number of ball clubs have thrown their helmets into the ring and have volunteered to be on HARD KNOCKS. Hell, a year ago the show was hard pressed to find a team to feature.  

Now here is the problem now faced by the NFL and the production team. The volunteering teams may not be appealing enough for the show. Come on, teams have offered to participate before but HARD KNOCKS held off and pushed to find the right team that would excite viewers. Now you can insert any team you want here, but for the sake of illustration here is what I chose. The Cincinnati Bengals might have volunteered again because what do they have to lose or maybe the Kansas City Chiefs want the boost the show NFL_HardKnocksmight give it. Do they have what it takes to be an exciting team with colorful players? Or would the show try to hold out for the New England Patriots or some other team?

 Unfortunately we don’t even know how many teams volunteered for the show let alone exactly which ones. There was speculation that the teams had been weeded down to three, but with this official NFL announcement now the choices just opened back up and it will take time to pick that right team for HARD KNOCKS on HBO. Stay tuned!


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