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Happy 45th Birthday HBO!

by Jef Dinsmore
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We have been giving a shout-out to HBO for a few years now (39, 41, 42, 43, 44) on or around November 8. The cable giant went live on this day back in 1972. This writer has been watching it ever since. In celebration, we try to cobble together classic pics & clips that reflect back on the personalities and programming that has kept us watching over the decades. HBO itself put a video together that start us off.

How about that retro vibe? The clip utilizes a classic logo & music and even gives us a glitchy signal just like an older TV. We got heroes, titans and damsels from yesteryear and today. What fun; we always appreciate how wittingly HBO can edit a clip together. Video clips like these are just as entertaining as the series it generates.

Here is one from back in 1982.


It is always fun at this time to look back so here are some old style graphics from the beginning of HBO’s history.

But what is the most fun is to look back at old shows and specials that aired that are not even included on the streaming sites today. For example, how about THE HIGH LIFE from 1996? Or surely you remember TANNER ’88. See it nestled in the middle of the classic promo clip below.

We are ready and willing to celebrate many more HBO! Happy Birthday or as Alliser Thorne of The Night’s Watch puts it —

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