Happy 44th Birthday HBO!

November 8th, 2016 is not just Election Day here in the U. S. A. but also the forty-fourth birthday of Home Box Office. As we have done the past few years we wish to draw your attention to that fact yet again. However, it gets harder to find cool, nostalgic clips to help celebrate. This year we just offer a hodge-podge of videos we trolled the depths of Internet hell to find. Enjoy!

Since 11.08 is also Election Day we will start with these clips. In the first one Selina Meyer encourages you to vote:

Also out there is this PSA:

Now let’s just grit our teeth and get it done and move forward. Okay, let’s celebrate with some classic HBO, shall we? How about this promo:

HBO has excelled in both drama and comedy, hasn’t it? Here is a birthday moment from THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM, HBO Films: CLEAR HISTORY and also THE PACIFIC as proof.

Okay, okay, we are pushing the whole birthday thing. We just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HBO and maybe get you to comment on your favorite shows over the years. To get that conversation started do you agree with the Top ten below?


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