Hader’s BARRY Drops A Tease

Barry-300x169If you are like us you were pretty excited when we learned that Bill Hader was coming to HBO. Yeah, he is a funny guy, just look at his filmography. Actually amongst his SNL stint, Disney’s Inside Out and sitcom guest appearances he has been on HBO before. You can catch his voice in a Season Three episode of SILICON VALLEY, 2010’s FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS and in Larry David’s CLEAR HISTORY as Rags. Soon he is returning to HBO as BARRY.

We first reported on the series back on 012.25.16. Hader steered away from doing any kind of sketch show like THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW or a traditional sitcom. Hey, it’s HBO, a traditional one-camera sitcom doesn’t fit on that network. Instead, he and Alex Berg (Co-creator SILICON VALLEY) give us BARRY. Hader stars in the title role as a hitman who, after following his intended target to an acting class, finds himself intrigued and decides to become an actor and change his life. As well as starring in the series, Hader will direct episodes of the show, marking his directorial debut. Other cast regulars include Stephen Root (HBO’s ALL THE WAY as J. Edgar Hoover, BOARDWALK EMPIRE as Gaston Means and in VEEP & THE NEWSROOM), Sarah Goldberg (Hindsight), Glenn Fleshler (HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE as Errol Childress ), Anthony Carrigan (Gotham) and Henry Winkler (Arrested Development).

We will now get to see the series early in 2018 but first this teaser:

This teaser kicks off as a bit dramatic playing up the serious tough guys that are in the series. Somehow we are to believe that Hader fits into that crowd. He at least looks like he can point a gun with a good stance. It also looks like everyone knows him. Thugs and citizens alike call him by name. Okay, except Winkler. Hey, a charming guy, yet a hitman. The clip only changes pace once Barry hits the community theater stage. Then, we get a glimpse of the whole fish-out-of-water vibe when Barry infiltrates the scene. Are we seeing him getting close to his intended target or trying to belong? We will have to see when BARRY comes in the spring of 2018. Are you liking the look of BARRY?    

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