Goodbye 2016, Hello HBO in 2017

HBOHappyNewYear-300x225Every year after Christmas we have awaited the drop of the Yearender clip. It was always that moment that we relived the highlights of the year past and looked forward in anticipation to what was in store for the year ahead as far as our favorite programming was concerned. Well, the end is nigh and no such video clip is in sight. Actually, such cinematic highlights have already been revealed and have been out for quite a while. Do these serve as our big Yearender clip? Apparently so. SO at this time we will post them and take a look at what was the highlights of 2016 and what waits for us in 2017. Enjoy!

First is the piece entitled “2016 on HBO.” It has been out for a couple weeks now. Here are the shows and images HBO chose to look back on in reflection:

You know, there had been grumblings along the year that HBO had faltered in bringing the entertainment. So it made sure it reminded us that it took the most Emmy awards again and provided us with great dramatic and comedic moments in 2016 both in fiction and non-fiction formats. The clip starts with a bit of name dropping. Who could forget Anita F. Hill, Arya Stark, POTUS Selina Meyer, “Naz” and Dolores?  None of us can! Their journeys delighted us in 2016.

The back portion of the 1:40 clip edited together, as only HBO can, some key moments from INSECURE, DIVORCE, GIRLS, THE NIGHT OF, GAME OF THRONES, SESAME STREET, HIGH MAINTENACE, VICE PRINCIPALS, ANY GIVEN WEDNESDAY, TOGETHERNESS, REAL SPORTS, plus Documentaries, VICE and DEF JAM. Come on, it had all to itself Middleditch slamming his face on the desk; Lady Day in a haze, Beyonce wielding a bat, Jon Snow on the slab, “Hold The Door” and more.

I could go on with HARD KNOCKS, ALL THE WAY and more. It was a great year after all.


But now comes 2017 and a glimpse at what is ahead at least for the first half of the upcoming year. It was all revealed in a video entitled ‘What’s Coming to HBO in 2017.” We know it offers some promised returning favorites, but we always hover over it to see what new titles are in the offing. Take a look and see what you can spot:

It kicks off giving attention to the new shows some of which we have already gotten a glimpse of or talked about already. They are BIG LITTLE LIES, THE YOUNG POPE, THE DEUCE, ROOM 104 and CRASHING. The best, for me, was seeing a glimpse of David Simon’s look at seedy 70’s NYC in the DEUCE and James Franco acting off of himself and ROOM 104 forthcoming from the Duplass Brothers. I was also surprised, because I had completely forgot about it, in seeing Robert De Niro and the HBO Films presentation WIZARD OF LIES. It was nice to see brief moments of THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS too, a film I remembered was coming down the pike. I’m equally excited for the non-fiction ahead as well, yes even a documentary with Dwayne Johnson. There is also a hint of sports, and stand-up on the way. I always love good stand-up routines and look, George Lopez is among them.

HBO_sizzles-300x165The back half of this clip reminds us of the returning series and everyone has their favorites. They are GIRLS (final season), BALLERS, VEEP (they love the high five clip, don’t they?), VICE PRINCIPALS, SILICON VALLEY, ANIMALS., THE LEFTOVERS, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (Who’d thought Larry David would return? Come on a show of hands), REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, VICE, VICE NEW TONIGHT, GAME OF THRONES, REAL TIME WITH BRYANT GUMBEL, INSECURE, DIVORCE and LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER. Whew!

And you can be sure there will be additions to that lineup. So are you with us as HBOWatch embarks on covering another year of HBO entertainment? We hope so. HAPPY NEW YEAR!       


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