Goldie Hawn and Darren Star Tapped for HBO’s ‘The Vagina Diaries”

Goldie_Hawn_Overboard1-180x300Goldie Hawn and Sex and the City creator, Darren Star are teaming up for an HBO adaptation of ‘The Vagina Diaries‘.  The 65 year old actress has been away from the silver screen for almost 40 years and hasn’t acted in almost a decade.  Hopefully we’ll see something very special from the actress this go-around!

“The Viagra Diaries,” based on the book by Barbara Rose Brooker, follows a woman (Hawn) who finds herself single for the first time in 35 years, after her husband has a delayed mid-life crisis. As the title insinuates, ‘The Vagina Diaries’ focuses on the romantic and sexual foibles of the older set.

Hawn is said to accepted the part only after ‘lengthy consideration’.  Let’s hope the ‘HBO treatment’ works well for Darren and his new project!

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