Godric Returns to True Blood

281x21166Warning: True Blood Spoilers Ahead! The producers of HBO’s hit series True Blood have confirmed that Eric Northman’s maker, Godric will be returning to the series.  Allan Hyde, the pale and pretty actor who plays Godric, is coming back for an unspecified number of episodes during season 4, according to TVLine.   The character willingly ‘stepped into the light’ in a previous season so most viewers assumed him to be (truly) dead this time.  Those close to the show’s production wouldn’t confirm how or when we’d be seeing the ancient vampire, only that he would indeed be back in some form.  Perhaps Eric will have a vision or a flashback or maybe our assumptions about vampires and sunlight are all wrong!  We can only speculate.

Speculation will end in June as True Blood season four premieres on HBO at sundown.

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