GIRLS vs VEEP (part III): Which Should I Watch?

GirlsJef continues his look at both of HBO’s new comedy series: Veep and Girls.  Which will win out for his valuable TV viewing time?  Check out parts one and two for the full saga.

Well, I’ve viewed the episodes of each show to date and I’m ready to offer which show I prefer. First, however, I need to give some clarification. It was commented to me that these shows are not in competition with each other so why was I pitting one comedy against the other to begin with. Well, for me anyway, each and every show and channel on the TV are vying for my valuable time. I am not going to watch everything and anything and I know neither are most. So, if a show doesn’t hold my attention I don’t watch it. I merely thought it interesting to share my decision over the two new comedies that just premiered on HBO, GIRLS and VEEP.

Now let’s be honest none of us watch absolutely everything that airs on HBO and its sister channels do we? Maybe you found JOHN FROM CINCINNATI too quirky or were bored to death of BORED TO DEATH or were turned off by the scheduling format of IN TREATMENT and never made it past a couple of episodes because of it. It is not a negative attack on HBO or even that particular show it is just that a certain show didn’t click. It has just happened to me with one of the Sunday night comedies; so I do have a preference for which one I’ll watch from here on out. VEEP wins my attention over GIRLS.

The first few episodes of GIRLS just were not anything enjoyable for me. As I commente
d in Part I one reason, if not the main one I suppose, is because I just don’t relate. I am not a female, I am not in my twenties and I am not in NYC. One common reaction I had as I watched the first episodes was one of gladness that the twenty-somethings I know in my life are nothing like these girls. I don’t like these characters. The good thing about that is, of course, a viewer doesn’t have to like the characters to like the show. Do you like or relate to Joffrey Baratheon? How about Al Swearingen as a person? No, but you still watch. Unfortunately, minor dislike grew into irritation for Hannah and company. One brief example was Hannah’s babbling on the clinic table in episode 2. I found the babble to be annoying not humorous. I was wishing the nurse would have slapped her across the face with the latex, though it would not have been a realistic outcome. So, I don’t get Lena Dunham’s sense of humor and style of writing.  It seems like she is trying too hard to make us laugh with her witty repartee and in this viewer’s eyes she fell short. Sorry GIRLS.
Veep-ThingI am not going to launch into a further attack. The show has positive reviews and is renewed for a second season already. Enough people like it enough to insure that. Please enjoy it if you do.  I much rather just end my night with VEEP. I enjoyed it a bit better but, will still hold to my previous post that I wished it had more political satire to it than just a relationship comedy set in the political world. At least it made me chuckle at times. It looks at the absurdity of a created situation and does it with simple humor. It doesn’t come across as forced and in your face. It is a nice way to wind down a Sunday evening after a more intense GAME OF THRONES.

That’s it! Maybe, GIRLS, just needs to move to some other night or maybe I’ll just wait until they are a decade older and then maybe I’ll appreciate them more. Anyway, that concludes my thoughts on these new shows vying for audiences. I await your comments and/or friendly debate!


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