GIRLS Vs VEEP (part 2): Which Should I Watch?

Veep-HBO-300x162There is only so much TV I can watch so, when I catch it, I don’t just want filler but good entertainment. Naturally, I turn to HBO for quite a bit of that quality time. But, no matter how many reviews and predictions I see I just don’t know if a show is right for me until I sample a few episodes for myself. Just to cite a few examples, I liked FLIGHTS OF THE CONCHORDS and BORED TO DEATH right away. Two shows, after a few episodes, that I didn’t continue with were CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and ANGRY BOYS. For me, dramas are a lot easier to commit to where comedy is more hit or miss. I won’t go into detail about the different styles of humor out there but, it is not a cut and dry genre. Simply put, most people are triggered by the same types of instances that make them sad  or angry, etc. What causes a person to laugh, however, is a different matter; some like Bill Maher, some like Chris Lilley and some like The Three Stooges.

Bottom line is if an HBO comedy doesn’t make me laugh then maybe I shouldn’t be watching it. Now in April we are faced with two new comedies to the channel. they are GIRLS and VEEP. I can only hope that they both make me laugh! I can only hope that I enjoy the style of humor they employ! I gave my thoughts on GIRLS already. It is time for me to look at the other comedy called VEEP. this show, is the vehicle, of course, for Julia Louis-Dreyfus who many remember as Elaine Benes and old Christine. Louis-Dreyfus acts as Vice-President Selina Meyer for British filmmaker Amando Iannucci in the work. He originally intended to create a remake of his BBC mockumentary “The Thick of It” and Americanize it. He attempted a version for ABC that fell through thus causing other networks, including HBO, to consider it. Once Iannucci decided it should be an original series made in the same style, HBO committed. The political satire he created centers on Selina Meyer as the VP or VEEP for an unidentified President and all the issues entailed with the number two position. The show is all about the heir to the Oval Office and the internal dialog of “will I or won’t I be a vital part of this administration or will I sit in the shadows and dare to hope the President has a heart attack” that VP’s may face. It is not, however, the type of show I was hoping for.

Veep-Car-Ride-300x154It is quite obviously a show of relationships more than of politics. that does not make it a bad series but a different one. I think it is the angle this show will be taking for two main reasons. One is the fact that viewers will not know which party holds court in the Oval Office. We do not know if the current administration is Republican or Democrat or some other part. Issues like Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice or Global Warming VS NO Such Thing would be to broach without stating ones affiliation. that seems to narrow the scope for any political humor. Couldn’t we have stomached a Right bashing the Left or vice versa type of comedy? I think so and would have preferred it. It could be a hotly debated sitcom version of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER or its conservative opposite. Yet with this approach it seems too neutral a ground.

We can also look at the cast list. The main characters are staff of the VP’s, the Director of Communications and the Chief of Staff. there are no heavy rollers like the Speaker of the House, a firebrand Senator, Press Secretary or any other position of note as regulars. I am glad I found out these facts before jumping into the series. It allows me to adjust my expectations and be prepared for a humorous examination of a VP as opposed to an examination of Capitol Hill through the eyes of a VP. yes, I clearly think there is a difference. I really should have known better as this show is touted as a show for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and not an ensemble show. That’s OK because I am looking forward to seeing her.

This all leads me to my original question. Which should I watch? As I stated in the beginning, the answer is both at first and then I’ll see which one wins me over. I’ll let you know along the way.
Which HBO shows will you be watching on Sunday nights? We know there is a lot of competition lately so leave a comment below and let us know which will win your time!

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