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With only two episodes remaining after this one in Season Four of Girls, Lena Dunham took to “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz” to set the ball rolling for the season climax.As some Girl watchers had predicted back when Hannah’s Dad visited her in Iowa, Hannah’s dad does in fact have a secret to share, and that is- as Elijah predicted back in season one- that he is gay. Hannah’s mom on the other hand, being the narcissist she is, has extreme trouble believing that he is actually gay, but rather just thinks he is coming out because he is jealous that she received tenure before him. I love the subtle similarities that Lena Dunham exposed in this conversation that are present between Hannah and her mother- they both always think everything is about them.

Hannah seems to have regressed to her teenage self, as her teacher-student relationship  with Cleo has blossomed into a full blown friendship. Not only do they gossip about other students, but Cleo also convinces Hannah to go with her to get a piercing while simultaneously making Hannah and Fran’s “relationship” even more awkward than it previously was. Cleo’s frenulum piercing, an idea that was inspired by no one other than Hannah herself, turns out to be a rather painful endeavor. Not only does Hannah refuse to get the piercing after watching the pain that Cleo went through, not to mention the strain it put on Cleo’s voice, but she manages to be just as condescending as ever when she breaks the news.

ShoshaScreen-Shot-2015-03-09-at-4.10.32-PM-1024x618nna seems to have hopped on Ray’s campaign trail, and she has finally abandoned her previous commitment to being completely honest, as she feels that honesty is not best suited for politics. Frankly, I do not think that utter honesty is well suited for job interviews either. I’m glad she has moved on from feeling the need to be “honest” at all times, as it already has cost her numerous job interviews and a whole lot of stress. But of course, it is only a matter of minutes of Ray and Shoshanna interacting before their unconventional awkwardness comes out flaring. It seems inevitable that Ray was gonna add tension to their companionship by asking Shoshanna about her love life. Shoshanna confidently shares that she has plans to go on a date, with no one other than the soup business owner who she met two episodes ago. However, in typical Shoshanna fashion, once Ray shares anything about his own self- that doesn’t involve Shoshanna- she loses it. Just at the mention of Marnie’s name, Shoshanna cannot help but scream in disgust. Despite my doubts, it turns out that Shoshanna was actually capable of going on a semi-normal date with Scott. While it certainly was awkward at parts, Shoshanna at least avoided completely blowing it to flames and I look forward to seeing how this relationship evolves in the two upcoming episodes.  Although Soshanna definitely did take Jessa’s advice to “show him an act of love when he least expects it” a little too literally… But luckily Scott and Shoshanna were able to bond over their common interest in seeing celebrities, and the fact that both of them want to be in a relationship with someone who is both independent and  successful (why Scott thinks that Shoshanna fits into the category of being “successful” is a question that I simply do not have an answer too).

Hannah wants another shot with Fran after her catastrophic trip to the art show, and is just as self-involved as ever. After Fran, in his extremely tight Ernest Hemingway “The Old Man and The Sea” t-shirt, tells Hannah that he doesn’t want “the drama” she confidently responds by saying “you’re attracted to me.” Yikes! Hannah may have thought this conScreen-Shot-2015-03-09-at-4.20.00-PM-1024x652fident approach would have won Fran back, but she is utterly unsuccessful as Fran just walks off in disgust and confusion. Similar to Hannah’s belief that Fran is extremely attracted to her, earlier in the episode we saw Jessa share with Shoshanna her persistent belief that Ace has feelings for her. I mean, Jessa even cites the fact that four men have tried committing suicide over her love… talk about narcissism.

After a vicious fight over Desi’s purchase of German guitar pedals, that cost $2,000, Marnie is seen eating alone in a diner. Desi walks in, and for the first time, it appears that Marnie might just finally be over Desi, and his tendency to treat her horribly. Yet, right when it appears that all hell is going to break lose, Desi proposes to Marnie! Being the person she is, Marnie completely ignores all the problems that the two of them have had in the recent days and immediately screams of happiness. This scene made it completely obvious how obsessed Marnie is with being in a perfect “fairytale” relationship. Yet Marnie is oblivious to the fact that just because Desi bought her a ring, that does not mean that Desi will actually begin to treat her with the even the slightest bit of respect. While the two may seem perfectly in love at thiScreen-Shot-2015-03-09-at-4.22.31-PM-1024x574s very moment, I am about 95% positive that this marriage will not work out. If it does not crumble apart in the upcoming episodes, then I certainly expect it to come crashing down by next season.

The episode concludes with Hannah going one of her ever-so typical rants about how she is so misunderstood by the world around her to her mom. However, Hannah is quickly put to a stop when her mother breaks the news that her father is gay… Hannah’s face in utter shock and then the episode ends. It will certainly be interesting to see how she is going to react to this news next Sunday, as I certainly expect Hannah to go in full panic mode.


Here is Lena Dunham’s comments regarding the episode:

Also here is the preview of the Sunday, March 15 episode:

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