Girls Season Three, Episode Four: Dead Inside

The aptly titled fourth episode of the already magnificient third season of GIRLS starts with Hannah finding out that her publisher, David (the crazy little guy who through Ray across a table last week) was found dead in the Hudson River without any explanation. Hannah being Hannah she ambles home and admits to Adam and Jessa that she doesn’t feel sad or numb, she is merely concerned about what is going to happen to her e-book. Classic Hannah.

Thus starts a theme to the episode. Jessa tells Shosh about her friend, a girl called Season, (only Jessa would have a friend called Season, right?) who died by choking on her own vomit “or whatever”. Shosh encourages Jessa to keep in touch with Season’s family and to take some flowers to her grave. Meanwhile, Marnie is increasingly going a bit crazy. She is stick thin, she’s working at Rays and now she is madly exercising like she’s training for the Olympics. There is madness in her eyes and it’s clear that she’s just trying to take control of her life having lost her great job, delicious boyfriend and any ounce of dignity she may have had left.  I understand, I’m doing a similar thing myself right now, that’s the beauty of Girls right? The relateability? Anyway, so while Marnie is furiously exercising Hannah, still moping around grieving the loss of her e-book is whisked away by Caroline with their druggy neighbour Laird in tow.


It’s no mean feat that someone can create a character that you can loathe and love simultaneously but that’s what Caroline is for me. She makes me feel really uncomfortable just by the way she looks because she looks like she’s escaped from an asylum. Her eyebrows are huge, her hair is wild and this week she’s wearing some kind of frilly, Victorian knickers and an oversized Micky Mouse jumper with army boots. Awkward. She is a massive annoyance to Adam and his life, which makes me hate her even more but I like what she has to say, how she sounds and what she projects. Hannah, Laird and Caroline end up in a graveyard where they leap and lollop around jauntily before stopping to take a breath and Hannah continues to talk about how she feels nothing about David’s death and how she thinks Adam responded so irrationally to her when she said she was concerned about her e-book. Caroline comes up with a ridiculous story about their cousin who had muscular dystrophy who died when Adam was young. She goes on to say that he loved their cousin so much that he took her to his High School dance and when she died she was clutching her wilted corsage in one hand and Adam in the other. It turns out the story was nonsense and Caroline made it up to make Hannah feel something, which of course, she didn’t.



Meanwhile, crazy Marnie quits her job at Rays when she finds him laughing with their boss at her terrible music video. Take control Marnie! Jessa on the other hand calls Season’s mother to find out where her ‘sarcophagus’ is (Jessa is fast becoming my favourite character because of small things like calling someone’s grave a sarcophagus) and she learns that Season is in fact alive and well. Jessa goes to see her and discovers a big house with a happy family inside. Season has a cool husband (who was also hilarious, by the way) and a baby and she explains to Jessa that she needed a way out of her drug addiction without Jessa around encouraging her to continue using so she faked her own death.  Jessa doesn’t take this particular well and leaves the house declaring to Season that her perfect life will soon start to fall apart. I have a feeling that is not the last we will see of Season.

So the episode concludes with Hannah and Adam sitting on the steps outside their building. Hannah finally opens up to Adam about how she is feeling about David, her voice breaks a little, her eyes gently fill up with tears but she holds back so she can tell Adam about her cousin, who had muscular dystrophy…

Season three is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet, each episode as strong as the last and boldly leading the way for the stories to unravel. Marnie is fading into the background of the rest of the girl’s lives as she becomes more independent which is demonstrated in the way she isn’t a huge part of each episode, I just hope to God she doesn’t start singing again. Last week was so embarrassing, I just had to hide. Oh Marnie. The beauty of Adam’s soul is becoming more and more apparent each episode as he loves and dedicates himself to Hannah he continues to melt the hearts of faithful viewers everywhere. Shoshanna is still just finding herself, living her slutty college years and becoming edgier by the second. It’s not until she starts talking that we are reminded of why we love her. But the question on everyone’s lips, that we still don’t have an answer to…what actually is going to happen to Hannah’s e-book?

Here’s a preview for next week:


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