GIRLS Season Six Promo Drops: “Group Meeting”

GirlsofGIRLS-300x169Okay GIRLS fans, some more cool stuff has been released and with only weeks until the final season premiere, these chicks are doing all they can to keep us chomping at the bit.

In the official season 6 promo, we see all four girls gathered in a bathroom which, let’s face it, is the ultimate place for women to gather and discuss important matters. It looks to me like the season is going to much less focused on love and more focused on the relationships of the girls with each other. The word ‘girls’ in its very nature suggest an immaturity and a naivety but as these girls grow up into women, they have knowingly grown further apart. Perhaps the season is more about trying to salvage something that’s lost or coming to terms with something that will never be the same again.

It’s a great premise and I myself am going through a similar issue with my high school best friends, the older we get, the further apart we get. Our lives are changing and developing and it really is uncontrollable that we drift away from each other. This season seems to be addressing that and hopefully will move each character forwards to something better rather than hurtling them backwards into a pit of self-obsession, which we are all used to seeing from our protagonist.

 Some more hints about what the next season will hold:

Marnie and Desi are back together which means that Ray is left heartbroken, unless he finally came to his senses and realized how wrong for him Marnie was. I hope it’s the latter, I love Ray.



Jessa is either just feeling amazing and confident, or it’s a really hot day or…something has happened. Maybe she is just adopting Adam’s shirtless way of life?


Hannah is seeking comfort here from a man in Calvin Klein’s. A new man or Elijah? Probably Elijah.


It generally looks as though the season will be quite heavy on Hannah and Elijah and their friendship above all others as its only theirs that seems like its in a good place.




Hannah and Adam look as though they might have arranged a meet up considering he is outside her apartment and they are both finishing up phone calls. This leads me to think that maybe their friendship isn’t lost either and that if she can patch things up with Adam, then she can do the same with Jessa. Screen-Shot-2016-12-31-at-14.58.28


Take a look at the promo for yourself! What do you think season six will offer?

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