Girls Season Six: Behind the Scenes Instagram Pics!

Not long after the curtain closed on season five of Girls did the cast members start posting pictures of themselves and each other on set for the new season, giving a few hints and clues to what might be in store for our beloved women.

First up, Jenni Konner, fellow editor of Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham’s close personal friend and director of the season finale posts this shot of the script for presumably the first episode of the new season. She posted this for their first table read of the new episodes and the title doesn’t exactly tell us much but Konner’s comment “The beginning of the end” suggests this is episode one and is furthermore a reminder that this season is the last season ever. It also looks like she might be back directing again which would be amazing because the season finale was spectacular.


Following up with some more paperwork is this little snapshot from Andrew Rannells showing us his nudity waiver with the hashtag #sorrymom underneath! I guess all that tells us is that Elijah is getting naked again!


This next picture goes rather nicely with the nudity waiver as it is Andrew Rannells nude! Hugging his BFF Lena Dunham in what appears to be a bathroom. Dunham looks like she is dressed as Hannah so maybe this signifies that they are still living together?



Jennie Konner also snapped this shot from the monitor while filming a scene with Marnie and Desi. I’d kind of hoped we wouldn’t see much more of Desi but I guess the new season sees the two of them playing some shows. Marnie is quite dressed up so presumably they are performing somewhere. Its difficult to tell but Desi doesn’t look too pleased in this picture, Marnie is probably telling him off again.


Lena Dunham shows off her brave blue lips and manicured finger as she heads off for a night shoot, whether she is directing or starring is unclear, probably a bit of both. She does look like she is dressed in Hannah’s style but it’s hard to say.


Speaking of night shoots, here is Shoshanna wearing the world biggest gold hoop earrings and hailing a cab. Why so serious Shosh?


The behind the scenes photos have shown us an insight into the wardrobe of season six including this seductive photo of Jemima Kirke as Jessa. The pant suit doesn’t really equal the Jessa we know and love but the lace bodice underneath certainly does! Does this mean she is working a real job in season six?


Allison Williams posted this pretty funny picture of how her style and Marnie’s style are morphing into one. Lets just hope she isn’t taking on Marnie’s neurosis as well.


This picture from Konner is really fun because it shows Lena Dunham directing a scene between Elijah and Shoshanna, oddly they both look really serious so either this is a bit of an intense scene or they are just really concentrating on something Dunham is saying! My money is on the latter. Cool photo though.


This photo of Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke wearing identical shirts is really cute and it looks like Kirke has slashed all her hair off – maybe Jessa is undergoing a bit of a transformation? Short hair and pant suits? Surely not…


Lena Dunham posts this lovely picture of her as Hannah in summery clothes. It doesn’t say much, but she looks great.



Its a shame we haven’t got any pictures of Adam Driver on set, but maybe in time we will see something surface. It all looks like a lot of fun but we have got quite a wait ahead of us, keep an eye out for more season six news right here!

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