Girls Season Five Finale: “I Love You Baby”

The end of this season of Girls brings about the stunning hope that maybe, just maybe, they might be growing up.  For me, I’ve always considered adulthood to be something I do, not something I am.  I am not an adult.  I adult.  It’s a verb.  Much like sending checks or walking the dog, I adult in different ways. I feel like I evolved into a more responsible, sometimes mature human being.  But I have a hard time considering myself an adult.  Seeing what the Girls have gone through this season though, I think they might be adulting in their own ways.

Hannah has turned over a new leaf in her life.  Back to writing, trying to be more positive, even running…yes, running.  I don’t think I’m the only person shocked to see Hannah hit the streets with some jamming tunes and a sports bra.  So much power to her because the only time I run is if something behind me wants to shoot me or eat my brains.  Her parents (Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari) drop by to visit.  While Hannah wants to prepare for a writing event, her pesky parents just won’t leave her be.  Her mom insists on a shopping trip, meanwhile daddy-o slips out to see an old friend.  Hannah hits the writing show and relays a story about jealousy, featuring Adam and Jessa.  I couldn’t help but feel at the end that all three of them were right about Hannah.  That she has been narcissistic in the past.  That she doesn’t care for people as deeply as she believes.  But I also believe that she is trying to move forward.

Adam and Jessa’s fight was one for the prop books.  I’ve always wondered how much fun it would be to do a fight scene like that.  To have the liberty to destroy everything however you wanted.  The only problem for me in that case was maintaining my acting.  I would be entirely too gleeful.  The amazing thing about Jessa in this moment is that she really doesn’t hate Hannah.  She lovesGIRLS_0510-300x212 Hannah.  What she hates is that her intense passion with Adam has driven her away from Hannah.  Adam, I believe is genuinely sick of Hannah.  I think his relationship with Jessa has shown him how messed up things were between him and Hannah.  Adam and Jessa are passionate, angry people.  But they are putting that anger on the situation, not each other.  While I don’t believe Adam and Hannah’s relationship was like that at all.

Marnie and Ray are settling into a happy place, which will soon be on the road with Desi.  I think Ray will be a good mix on the road.  I think he’ll stand up to Desi when need be, but also be support for Marnie.  Speaking of Desi, he continues to prove what a narcissistic douche nozzle he is.  Getting a bj from a girl that looks like she’s in her teens before the show?  Super classy, bro.

Elijah is attempting to cope with his crushed dreams.  I think getting out and about helps him, but I also hope to see more soul searching in his future.  Dill’s complaint was about him being aimless, and in some ways I can see that being a very apt depiction of Elijah’s life.  But we know Elijah is smart, and sweet, and damn he can be sassy.  So I hope there is something out there for him.

Lastly, Shoshanna has brought life back to the coffee place, but even Hermie needs her to slam the breaks.  Shoshanna is anticipating him saying she’s just too much, so it was a nice relief to hear she just needed to dial it back and not back away completely.  Having passion and drive for something can be intense and exhilarating.  I’ve been so invested in projects before that I will get them done weeks ahead of schedule, because I’m so excited.  To others though, that energy can be draining. Seeing Hermie grab Shosh and dance around the place was too cute for its own good though.  Maybe Shosh can be Ray’s business partner?

New beginnings seem in the air for the group.  Hannah has new eyes on her writing.  Marnie and Ray are hitting the tour bus.  Shoshanna is using her business acumen.  Adam and Jessa are coming to terms with the heat and passion underlying their relationship.  This season has seen weddings and divorces.  Toured Japan to New York to creepy rest stations.  Couch masturbation, van bj’s, and spa lesbianism.  The show continues to endure and amaze, and I will wait as calmly as I can for the next and final season of our Girls.


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