Girls Season 4 Teasers & Trailers: What’s Ahead?

Update: A REAL trailer for premiere of Girls season 4 is up as well!

Now before we can delve into what is coming ahead for our favorite mid-20s Girls, let’s refresh on where we left them. Hannah and Adam had a fight (nothing new there) which leaves her torn on the precipice of a major life/career decision. Marnie was discovering Desi’s silver tongue…in her mouth. Wondering how Desi’s girlfriend feels about that?  Didn’t seem good.  Shoshanna didn’t graduate, found out Ray slept with Marnie, and desperately tried to get him back and failed. Poor Shosh. Druggie turned caretaker Jessa tried to help a woman commit suicide, but the woman changed her mind. So what’s ahead?

Sounds like Hannah has made a choice about the program in Iowa, so the question remains: What about Adam?  They going to try long distance?  Or call it quits?  Hannah has to think about her future, and if Adam will be part of that.

Marnie continue making music with Desi.  Sounds sweet, minus the scat, but since Desi isn’t solo Marnie better check her emotions.  The word “affair” was used, but not in the traditional sense.  So will we some traditional adultery?  Though Ray seems to be waiting in the wings for another chance.  Might Marnie see this and give our dear Ray another go?

Will Jessa pull it together?  The question I’ve asked myself for three whole seasons.  She seems like she might be trying, but the cops being around probably doesn’t bode well for the effort.  I want to know what happened to the old lady.  I’m pretty worried about this actually…

Shoshanna failed out of senior year which means she better come clean with her folks.  Which by the sound of things aren’t the peachiest parents.  Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of why Shosh is the way she is… Ana Gasteyer as her mom is brilliant casting.

More Elijah?  Yes, please!  Seems like he’ll be getting some more screen time this season.  Likely he’ll also be involved in some of Hannah’s hi-jinks.  And can any show go wrong with more guest stars?  Well, probably…but since this show embraces the awkwardness of normal life, we’ll cross that possible bridge when we get to it.


Overall, I cannot wait for the coming season.  Seems like the gals are trying to pull life together.  Whether they make it or not is entirely up to fate.  And I’ll be sitting here eating popcorn and watching it all play out.  Because most of the time it feels like I’m watching my own life, but with a soundtrack and better clothes.

Girls Season 4 will premiere in 2015.

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