Girls Season 3 Finds New Man from ‘Boardwalk’

benny-siegel-300x300Actors lucky enough to grace HBO’s screen are often able to make their way from HBO series to HBO series. So when one of Girls’ leading men walked off the set this spring Lena Dunham was forced to act.

Luckily the HBO pool of talent runs deep and wide. The Girls season 3 crew has tapped Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Zegan to “fill the void” left by the departure of Marnie’s entrepenureal boyfriend, Charlie. We’re not sure if that means he’s literally replacing the actor AS Charlie (probably not) or just filling in as another character in the spirit of Charlie OR (most likely) he’ll simply be playing an entirely new character. I guess that just makes the wait for Girls season 3 even tougher. We speculated a bit when the news broke a couple of months back.

Zegan plays Benny Seigel on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and also starred in HBO’s HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA. There is no firm premiere date for Girls season 3 but with this latest setback and a fullish fall schedule planned we expect it to premiere around the same time it did last year. Q1 2014. We’ll keep you up to speed if we get a firm air date any time soon.


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