Girls Season 3 Finale: Two Plane Rides

 So that’s it folks, Girls is over for another season and what a fabulous finale! Of course when the end credits rolled, the pouty bottom lip came out and I automatically pulled a bit of a strop, but all good season finales make you do that right? So let’s recap.

The beginning of the episode starts off like something out of a horror movie as scary Caroline, Adam’s bizarre sister, emerges in Hannah’s doorway in a victorian style night gown. Turns out she’s been living with Laird since she vanished and she is now pregnant with his child. That’s enough to make even the strongest souls shudder uncontrollably with fear/disgust that I will just stop right there.

So, its opening night of Adams play, things between him and Hannah are a little tense to say the least, he doesn’t want her around, she is constantly flitting around him like a persistent mosquito. She stings him with the news that she has been accepted in graduate school in Iowa just as he is about to go on stage. She approaches the subject weirdly and almost patronises him as she tells him, willing him to aggressively react but he doesn’t.  The result is that Adam considers his performance to be way below par and blames Hannah for throwing him off with the news. She on the other hand, is thrilled and as proud as any girlfriend would be as he dazzles the audiences in his scenes.


The episode belonged to Shoshanna though, as she has sort of kept a bit of a back seat for the entire season she bares her heart to the world in this final episode as everything comes full circle and punches her right in the kisser. She finds out that she isn’t graduating as she failed one of her classes, just as she is trashing her room, Marnie knocks on the door and tells her that she has been sleeping with Ray. Shoshanna pins Marnie down and screams in her face that she hates her. Talk about emotions bubbling over, Shosh just had the biggest cream pie in the world slammed into her lovely little face.  Just to make matters worse, she opens up to Ray about how she still loves him, how she was a better person with him in her life and how she is so unstable without him. As the tears rapidly fill her eyes, Ray tells her in a roundabout way that he won’t be getting back together with her. Despite her aggressive outburst in the beach house, Shoshanna has been a consistently good friend to everyone since the beginning, she is the least deserving character to receive this kind of treatment which is why it is so heart breaking to watch. We love you Shosh!


Meanwhile, Marnie reaches ultimate moron status as she creeps back stage to see Desi and give him a present – a guitar pick which once belonged to James Taylor. He obviously highly appreciates this gift and the two end up passionately kissing, despite the fact that Desi has a girlfriend. Marnie is absolutely thrilled, the smile on her face is so utterly irritating I wish I could smack it right off her. She acts like a proud girlfriend all night, standing up and cheering Desi on. His actual girlfriend however, is in attendance and she confronts Marnie in the toilets, shooting her down and telling her to back off away from her boyfriend. I’m so sick of Marnie being like this, she is just the worst one.

Now on to my personal favorite, Jessa. Her story in this episode is perhaps the most interesting and the one that leaves me the most curious for season four. Her new employer Beadie (Louise Lasser) has asked Jessa to euthanize her, knowing full well that Jessa can easily get her hands on a lot of drugs. She explains that she wakes up every morning disappointed that she didn’t die in the night, she wants to die and she wants Jessa to do it. Jessa being Jessa has the inner strength to do something like this, Marnie wouldn’t out of moral judgment, Shoshanna would just freak out and Hannah would make it somehow about her. Jessa is the one. So she loads Beadie up on some pills and holds her hand as they wait for her to die. A while later Beadie exclaims ‘Call 911! I don’t wanna die!!’ Heart stopping and astonishingly well written, this moment along with Shoshanna trying to put her room back together as a practice of healing her shattered heart are the two strongest moments of the episode, understated, memorable and totally perfect.


So the questions we are asking are; is Hannah going to go to Iowa? Is Adam going to get rave reviews for his play or will he flop? Will Marnie manage to get her leg over Laird? Will Beadie die? Will ray come to his senses, dump Marnie and sweep Shosh off her feet? Will Jessa get caught up in a possible man-slaughter trial? What will Shosh do now that she isn’t graduating?

Its been an excellent season, it hasn’t quite topped season two for me, which was by far my favorite, but it’s certainly close. The characters have only progressed slightly, we met some new people like Caroline and Beadie and we rekindled with some old faces like Elijah and Laird. Lena Dunham has exceeded herself in continuing to send these girls on credible and emotional journeys reminiscent of our own. Its beautiful, touching, emotional, honest and I literally cannot wait until season four, which has been confirmed  :)

Until then.  Go inside the episode one last time:

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