Girls Season 3, Episode 6: Free Snacks

Another stagnant episode of Girls this week sees little development in any character other than Hannah, who now has an advertorial job at GQ magazine. On her first day she enviably becomes the star of a meeting with her superiors as she rattles ideas off them for an article while she feasts heavily on a plethora of free snacks and drinks.

Hannah is a really intelligent girl and to see her use her skills in a professional environment is actually quite refreshing, rather than talking about herself, she is talking about work and it’s a side of her I can most definitely get on board with.However, she is faced with the horrifying truth that every graduate is faced with at some point in their lives – doing the thing you love, the thing you enjoy and the thing you want to be known for isn’t going to pay the bills. Her colleagues tell her of their various, impressive achievements within the writing world and you might think that having an article published in the New Yorker would be the start of a fruitful career in writing but you would be wrong. She has a small breakdown where she quits and says she doesn’t want to be working in an advertorial job for the next 10 years. She wants to be pursuing her dream of writing about stuff that means something, but she soon comes to her senses and cries into her telephone while she submits herself to soul destroying work – but hey, its GQ magazine! Cheer up Hannah, it really isn’t all bad. 


Meanwhile, Adam is attending various auditions, one of which he gets a call back for and it would seem that Caroline is now a distant memory, despite him getting fairly upset that Hannah had thrown her out. Marnie and Ray seem to be giving some kind of friendship a go as Ray calls Marnie at home and says that he cares about her and wants to come and watch bad television with her. She accepts and despite being horribly bitchy toward him they wind up having sex again and then go and get some food at a nearby eatery. I don’t like it, Marnie is becoming a character I used to pity, to a character I strongly dislike. Ray on the other hand is one of my favourite, understated characters – the other was David, but he’s dead so…


One the other side of the coin is Jessa – my actual favourite character who we see less and less of as time goes by. Why? She is one of the more interesting girls, she has the best lines, she’s beautiful and amazing and her story and history is the most attention grabbing, so why don’t we ever see her? This week she is in a clothing store trying to convince a mother to buy a black Christening dress for her baby because its ‘chic’. More of this please! Shosh has decided it’s time to stop messing about and settle down with someone for a while and during an awkward conversation while having sex with her current boyfriend she concludes that he is not the one for her, but perhaps Ray is?

This episode saw a few new characters arise as Hannah’s GQ colleagues. One of whom tells Hannah he doesn’t like her face and he wants to rip her mouth right off, one is a kind of boring twenty something single white female and the other is a young, kind of attractive guy who seems a bit gay but is secretly mind fucking SWF.  Nothing to write home about yet, but I have every faith that will change. I think the lull in the season is coming to a close, we are exactly half way through and the only way, for me, has got to be up. Some development in the other girls stories wouldn’t go amiss, and of course, we could all do with a bit more Adam in our lives, even Hannah. 

If this episode taught me anything, it’s that free snacks come at a price.   Here’s a look at next week:

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