Girls Season 3, Episode 5: Only Child

In the wake of David’s death, Hannah and Adam are attending his funeral. While there, they meet David’s wife…you heard me, his wife. David was a married man and happily it would seem. Despite being at his funeral, Hannah talks about her e-book with the newly widowed Mrs David. She, alarmed and upset, mentions that she was also writing a book for David and that Mill Street Press were dropping all of David’s projects. Hannah, becoming more and more inappropriate asks for the names of other publishers she could contact regarding her book, at which point she is asked to leave. Fair enough.


Hannah’s meeting with potential new publishers is a high point of the episode, they find her side splittingly hilarious because she is so opposite to them, she is almost like an alien, they laugh at her because they haven’t met anyone like her before and it’s funny to them. Anyway, they offer her an actual book deal with actual books and Hannah elated and over joyed accepts and calls her Dad, who has just had surgery. She rudely interrupts him just as he tells her something about a mole they found (watch this space as that one develops) and explains her exciting news only to have a bubble burst when she is told that Mill Street Press own the rights to her book, whether they are making it or not, her contract clearly states they OWN the book. Uh oh.


Previously in the episode, Hannah acted as mediator for Adam and Caroline. The wonderful, creepy Caroline who declares that Adam is so angry at her because he wants to have sex with her. Yeah right…I wouldn’t put it past them though, that’s the creepy thing. Adam and Caroline verbally rip each other apart while Hannah plays Dr Phil. It’s interesting to see this dynamic between Adam and Caroline, she knows how to push his buttons and he flairs up every time, he can’t control himself. Its not until Hannah steps in with the two of them in an incredibly awkward position that we see the craziness they share, Adam is just a little less obvious. However, when Hannah comes home from finding out that Mill Street own the rights to her book she flips out at Caroline who selfishly sympathises by turning the situation around on to her (something that Hannah does on a regular basis) and Hannah freaks out and kicks Caroline out. This scene also gave us our very first C-Bomb of the season, thanks HBO, this is why we love you.

downloadAs for the other girls, their part in this week’s episode can be summed up in a single sentence. Shoshanna has to study, Jessa looks for a job and Marnie sleeps with Ray. Why the three of them are becoming more and more disconnected from any kind of storyline is a mystery to me. They barely even interact with each other and they all seem to be fading away. The last time we saw them all together was at Hannah’s birthday party, I’m confident though that its all part of Lena Dunham’s plan. Lest we forget that in season two each episode was more or less focussed on one single character at a time, perhaps this is just Dunham’s way of saying that female bonds are so strong we don’t have to spend every waking moment with each other. It doesn’t feel like that though.

Rays butt, sibling sexual tensions and metaphorical pukings aside – Only Child has been the low point of the season thus far. 

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