Girls: “Old Loves”


This week’s episode gave us the Jessa-Adam-will-they-won’t-they answer.  Which was so awkward but also decidedly hilarious and having also had a similar moment, it really had me cracking up.  When you have that kind of situation, you’ve just got to be able to laugh at yourself.  But not before Jessa has to deal with Hannah.  It’s a tale as old as time. The misery of being cruel to another person so that they’ll take the hint and break ties.  It’s a standard dating tactic, but can also be applicable in friendships as we see Jessa pull away from Hannah.  Or push her away.  Also are rice pudding restaurants a thing?  Because that sounds infinitely interesting and disgusting at the same time.

Hannah is in the midst of a disagreement with Fran, somehow continuing in a sense from last week.  Fran has a very different sense of the English language than Hannah.  His grammar nazi style clashes with her sense of freedom and expression.  Their disagreement boils over onto a student who does the right thing and just runs away from the two of them bickering in the hall.  Hannah seeks Jessa and Marnie’s advice, which is essentially stick with him because he really is a good guy.  She comments about Adam not seeming to be a good guy while Fran does seem to be a good guy but might not be.  This whole interaction really reaffirms my hatred for the phrase “good guy.” I don’t trust any guy that claims he’s a good guy but doesn’t follow it in action.  Okay, I’m done ranting about that because I could go for days.

Meanwhile, Marnie returns from a visit with her mother and finds Desi turning their studio into a one bedroom.  It’s a damn small bedroom.  Since real estate is rather pricey in NYC and space a certain commodity, I’m not really sure putting up the wall is entirely smart. Marnie escapes the situation and spends time on the Old Loves Tumblr.  Giving us the refreshing commentary that relationships end, unless you choose to work on them.  Marnie suddenly realizes how she picks at people and almost forces them away.  While I’m not a fan, maybe this marriage is having a clarifying  and cathartic affect on Marnie’s personality.  Hmmm…

Shoshanna is still in Japan and I’m sure we’re all wondering how she’s affording staying, given that she’s been…what’s the phrase…managed out?  Yeah, I am questioning how she’s doing over there.  But given the sneak peek of next week, we’ll be getting some Shosh time.

Also next week, Hannah appears to go on some kind retreat with her mom.  I sense we’ll get to see more of her mom’s feelings about her marriage falling apart.  We’ll get to see Jessa’s family dynamic a bit more when her sister comes to town.  I have a feeling that will be interesting.  Marnie is mysteriously missing from the preview, so I wonder what her status with the hubby will be next week.  Maybe their marriage will continue to work but Marnie can’t fix Desi. And I’m not sure he’s capable of fixing himself. Can’t wait to see it all next week!

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