Girls: “Japan”

This aptly titled episode brings us to the wonder of Japan and finally a decent check in on how Shosh is doing abroad,(after checking in on everyone else) but also features some tensions (sexual and otherwise) brewing back home in New York.

Shoshanna appears to have settled into Japan and embraced the culture.  She’s living in what might be the cutest apartment complex I have ever seen, and I am incredibly jealous that I don’t live in it. Because oh my god did you see how frickin’ cute it is?!?!  It’s the equivalent of living in a geometric art piece.  But Shosh has to continue to remind people (and herself) that she has a guy back home because the adorable, office flirt Yoshi (Hiro Mizushima) is making some eyes at her.  But hey, it’s nothing a visit to a Japanese sex dungeon can’t cure, right? 

Also away from the states is Marnie, off on her honeymoon with Desi.  She seems to be settling into married life well, especially enjoying Hannah calling him her husband.  And not even being bothered by the fact that Hannah saw his junk during their Skype session.  This episode featured very little Marnie, which in my opinion is just fine.  While I like Allison Williams and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as actors, I cannot stand Marnie and Desi together.  Frankly after he ditched her at the end of last season, I was hoping she would give him the boot.  But I think Marnie is too afraid to be alone.

Back in New York, Adam and Jessa are playing jump rope with the line between friendship and something more.  Jessa is adamant that they will stay friends, but after watching each other masturbate haven’t they already crossed into that something more territory?  You can’t deny the way they were looking at each other didn’t have more to it.  Adam has always been my favorite character because you’ve seen him grow over the course of the show and he became who he always knew he could be.  Now things are going well for him and he’s happy.  And what he really wants is to share that happiness with someone who makes him happy…so for the love of all, Jessa.  Just go for it!

Hannah has issues with Fran, or rather with Fran’s phone keeping old nudes of his exes for spank bank material.  A fair point that she’s upset.  If I was dating someone, it would be a pretty big ego blow to know he was using pictures of ex girlfriends to masturbate.  She attempts to spice things up and send some saucy photos his way.  Though this doesn’t solve the problem and Hannah does a very Hannah like thing at the end of the episode.  I cringed. Truly.

Getting to film in Japan must have been such an incredible experience. Particularly visiting a fetish bar, which I’m curious to know how popular that is.  Is it a cultural thing or is that something we have here in the US too?  I’m dying to know.  But it sounds like authenticity was had throughout the episode, which is always rewarding as a viewer to know something is done authentically.  But what can we expect coming up?

Next week seems to hold some pivotal moments for our group.  Jessa might finally give into what she wants and make something happen with Adam.  Though I sense an awkward conversation with Hannah coming.  Hannah’s own future seems to hold an argument with Fran.  Hannah seeks Marnie’s council, though I severely mistrust her judgment when it comes to men.  Shosh is mysteriously missing, so will we get a peek into her final decision about Japan and Yoshi? Or will we be left hanging until later?

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