Girls: “Cubbies”

This episode of Girls is all about criticism and how we handle it. Each member of the Girls crew (excluding Jessa who has usual doesn’t fit in) are faced with some form of criticism. Criticism is something we face daily in our lives, and how it affects us speaks a lot to how we are as a person.


I would like to know what’s wrong with me.”

girls-1024x636Throughout this season we have seen Shoshanna going to various interviews throughout New York. We’ve seen her nail a job interview, that it turns out she didn’t even want. So far we only have seen her utterly confident, and prideful in her success. Shoshanna begins this  episode facing failure as she is declined a position at the company she is interviewing for. After she inquires why she wasn’t given the position, the woman giving the interview lays out all of her inadequacies before her. Shosh takes the criticism to heart, and seeks out the only person who she can trust for advice, Ray.


Unabridged Chaos within seconds”

Ray is going through his own crisis as his block has been given an additional stop light that slows traffic in his block down to a halt. Due to the slow traffic, people are constantly honking their horns making it impossible for Ray to read or get Girls-Cubbies-Season-4-Episode-4-01any peace and quiet. Ray attempts to give out some of his trademark criticism’s to the pedestrians participating in a flurry of road rage but he is only flipped off by the person he attempts to talk to. This is where Shoshanna comes in, and the two go on a stroll in order to chat, and catch up. For me Ray, and Shoshanna are the best characters of the show. Shosh shows a commitment to improvement, and unlike most of the cast she seems to have actually grown up. She still has some of her eccentric charm, but she has become a lot more likeable as she grew as a character. She wants to better herself, without leaving behind who she really is. Ray and Shoshanna have a lot of contrasting views on life, so together they have pushed each other in more productive directions. Ray has loosened up a bit, and is learning to break out of routine, while Shosh is growing to be more responsible. Their growth is almost in direct contrast to the direction of the rest of the show as other characters seem stuck in their ways.


I think my feedback was pretty spot on”

Marnie, or as I’ve grown to call her “The living train wreck” continues to ignore the advice of her friends, and only searches for praise. When Shoshanna gives her the most backhanded of compliments, she completely rejects her views. Marnie doesn’t care for your opinion, unless it’s positive. She deals with criticism with a bullheaded toughness that never seems to change. No matter how many times her friends warn her about a dangerous relationship, or a poor life choice she never seems to care. Yet she always comes back to them and complains when things don’t work out. Her approach to life isn’t all bad, it does ensure she gets what she wants by sticking to her guns. This time however her foolish choices, have left her with an awkward relationship with her lead singer. Last episode she decided shouldn’t have a relationship with him while he is still dating his current girlfriend, as a result Desi breaks down one day and breaks up with his girlfriend telling her about the affair he has been having behind her back. Or at least that’s how it seems, as Marnie’s initial attraction to his decision, turns to disgust as he reveals that the breakup was because Desi’s girlfriend had been thinking of another man sexually causing him to be jealous. It’s almost a guarantee that the future of this relationship will end badly yet again for Marnie as she is unable to get over that initial moment of disgust she shows when she figures everything out. Will Marnie ever get into a healthy relationship? The closest we’ve seen is her romance with Ray, and that relationship is built entirely off of an antagonistic romance.


What did the letter say?”


Oh Hannah will you ever learn. Hannah seems to continue down her road of unending narcissism as she attempts to write an apology letter to her writing class, which ends uponly being about herself. This is by far Hannah’s biggest flaw, and she just seems to refuse to ever give it up, or even recognize it. It seems as if Hannah was actually attempting sincerity here, but yet again she falls flat on her face. All of her classmates see her apology as a request for more attention. She gets so frustrated with her experience’s in Iowa that after a brief discussion with her father she decides to leave Iowa and go back to New York. It’s unsure if she is going to back to New York to stay, or merely to go visit Adam, but once she reaches her old apartment she discovers that Adam has got rid of her furniture, and is sleeping with someone else. I think this is the end for Hannah, and Adam. Adam much like Shoshana, and Ray has grown apart from the group as he has dealt with his psychological issues, and his addiction in order to get his life together. Hannah just doesn’t fit into Adam’s life any more. Her constant neediness was charming when he had equal need of her, but now that he has his life together he sees that Hannah hasn’t put hers together and it is a constant reminder of who he used to be.
Overall this is yet another fantastic journey into the troubled lives of our favorite Millennials. Here is what Lena Dunham has to say about it.

And here is a sample of what we have to look forward to seeing next week.

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