Girls: “Close Up”

After last week’s rather sombre and emotion fuelled episode I had a horrible dread in the pit of my stomach that this week we would see Hannah spiralling into a depressive state with her OCD coming back to haunt her and stress seeping out of her ears. This was in fact the case, to begin with, as she barks at Elijah for eating all of her Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal – a hangable offence in my opinion.


However, after a short therapy session and a lunch with all the girls and Elijah, she seems to have an epiphany. Those who can’t…teach! So Hannah is going to try her hand at becoming a teacher, and I can see this being a big turning point for Hannah and may be something she can finally pour her whole self into and start to make a difference. Despite Hannah’s fantastic and revelatory turn in this episode, it was Adam’s story that dominated, which is fine by me, i’m just thankful I didn’t have to endure Marnie and Desi shagging against a wall any more while she smugly bites her lip during unconvincing groans of pleasure.

So, Adam has definitely changed from being with Mimi-Rose. Like a scene out of a Nancy Meyers movie, a quick swooping look around Mimi-Rose’s annoyingly perfect apartment lands us at the two of them laying in bed, asleep. Adam wakes, kisses Mimi-Rose on the cheek, gets out of bed and gently tucks her back in. It’s actually really lovely to see this side to Adam, he has genuine capabilities of being unbelievably tender to those he cares about. We saw glimmers of this with Hannah, but he has changed a lot since his relationship with her and we are seeing a much newer and down to earth guy here. I like it. However, Mimi-Rose perhaps isn’t on the same page as demonstrated when she horrifyingly drops the bombshell that she ‘had an abortion yesterday’ like its some kind of normal day to day activity like going to the salon or buying groceries. Adam’s horror comes when he learns it was his and she went to get it aborted with someone he hasn’t even met before. Her carelessness for his feelings makes him question the kind of girl she is.


Adam doesn’t know what his purpose is for Mimi-Rose, Hannah was always so reliant on him being a strong figure in her life, but Mimi-Rose has everything pretty much worked out. She tells him that she doesn’t need him, she wants him, which apparently makes everything okay and after throwing a couple of weird compliments his way, they are back in bed in the morning time again. What is it with Adam and narcissistic girls? At least Hannah is likeable. I’m not entirely convinced that Mimi-Rose is the image of perfection she effortlessly projects and I am anxious about how she may end up really hurting Adam.

On the other side of the coin we have Ray. Who has decided to go to a council meeting with a lovely homemade model of his street to voice his opinions on the new traffic light system outside his apartment. After listening to the elderly whine on all day the meeting is closed before he has a chance to speak. So what does he do? He stands up, yells at the board of councilmen and demands to be listened to. Its quite a rousing moment for Ray and when he doesn’t get his way, he decides he is going to become a chairperson himself. If you can’t beat them – join them eh Ray?

Meanwhile, Shoshannah is going through the thankless task of interviewing for a soup company. There is no way in hell she wants to work for a sougirls-150222-1024x636p company and that is clear from the offing. She’s not alone, i’m sure everyone has interviewed for a job they really, really don’t want to do and its difficult to seem genuine in this scenario. Shoshannah just outright tells him she doesn’t want to work there and ends up leaving with a date with the interviewer. Go Shosh! Although, a part of me is thinking she shouldn’t have turned down that fashion job she interviewed so well for as a ‘practice’…

While the episode maybe called ‘Close Up’the focus has shifted away from the girls to the men; Adam and Ray, both of whom are important parts of all the girls lives. Remember the episode of ‘Boys’ in season 2, was largely focussed on Ray and Adam when Ray help Adam return a dog he stole from Staten Island? This episode reminded me of that one, the two guys are as much main characters as the girls themselves. Jessa has always been a bit of a back seat girl, I think for the most part, as she confessed in a previous episode, she doesn’t really have any friends. So despite her fight with Hannah in the last episode, here she is, having lunch with them and being unapologetically mean about Hannah’s latest career choice.


My predictions for the rest of the season are thus: Adam and Mimi-Rose will not last because she is the kind of girl who quite likes having him around to compliment her, do nice things for her and have sex with her whenever she wants, but when it comes down to a fight or flight situation, she will be heading south for winter. I think Hannah will find her calling in teaching, although this may not be so clear straight away, I think there is still hope for her and Adam, but I would like to see her exploring the world of men a bit more. I think Marnie and Desi will crumble into a huge emotional wreck and she will probably go crawling back to Ray, who, hopefully tells her to to take a hike. Shosh and Jessa are question marks right now, both seem to be lost souls which is why their friendship works so well. I don’t think this season is going to have all the answers because I think up to this point, the focus has been on developing their stories in depth rather than frivolously skipping through the details. Here is more background with the Inside the Episode piece.

Things are getting better for Hannah and seemingly worse for everyone else, which is fair, she deserves some respite after everything that happened (or didn’t happen) in Iowa! Lastly, here’s a preview for next week’s episode:

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