GIRLS 108: “Weirdos Needs Girlfriends Too”

Girlfriend-Girls-HBO-300x244This was a very confusing episode for me. Few things made sense to me, but those that did were great little moments.

Let me start with the things that I did get. Marnie, fresh off her breakup with Charlie. is finally down in the dumps. Surely instigated by seeing Charlie with a new girlfriend only 2 weeks after she dumped him, we finally see Marnie in full blown depressed mode. I liked this. Marnie is so concerned with being flawless all the time, being so responsible in every decision she makes, finally breaks down in the most human way possible. Every girl has done what she does, endlessly scrolling through their ex’s Facebook photos, even until it makes you weep. And then suddenly everything makes you weep, and you realize that this is your rock bottom. I’ve been there. Who hasn’t? It was just nice to see Marnie vulnerable.

Not to mention, in Hannah’s absence, Jessa swoops in to be Marnie’s new saving grace. Jessa is my least favorite character (in close competition with Marnie), as I feel like she just has the most inherently fucked up personality. Just look at how quickly she can flip the switch from caring and endearing Jessa, there to aid Marnie in her rise back to the top of the fun times pile, only to turn into a sulking, pouty little girl when a man she doesn’t seem to fancy shows he’s interested in Marnie over her. Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, Jess. Jessa’s character seems to have the least amount of motive or reason behind anything she does. And now that’s she’s unemployed, I fear the only thing that she’ll have going for her is shit-talking Hannah behind her back with Marnie.

Which leads me to a new development from this episode that I didn’t really care for: the Marnie and Jessa badmouth Hannah club. Don’t get me wrong–do girls talk shit about each other and complain when they feel they’re being wronged? Of course we do. No matter now trivial the issue at hand may be. It’s one of our inherent flaws of being women (and that pains me to admit). We talk shit. We lash out against even our closest friends when we feel like we’re being overlooked, ignored, taken advantage of, etc. And while I feel like Hannah makes some ridiculous decisions–mainly regarding Adam, but we’ll get to that later–I don’t feel like she’s being as bad a friend/roommate as Marnie makes her out to be. Marnie’s just pissed off and miserable, and now that Hannah is spending most of her time with Adam, that leaves only room for newly unemployed Jessa to fill the void. I did read that in an upcoming episode Hannah and Marnie supposedly get  in an epic fight, one that could “ruin their friendship.” I like them, and would hate to see Jessa’s philandering ways corrupt an otherwise pretty normal and nice friendship.

That’s not to say that HOLY HELL that scene with Bridesmaids’s Chris O’Dowd was weird right? I was so stoked to see him appear here, but boy did his story devolve quickly. So Marnie decided to be fun and spontaneous for once, and drags Jessa with her to this seemingly nice bloke’s house. What started as a silly drunken night quickly turned fucking bizarre when Marnie and Jessa start making out. Granted, I thoroughly see Jessa making out with Marnie solely as a way to prevent the dude from making out with Marnie and leaving her out in the cold. That being said, I still think this whole scene was ridiculous. A girl-on-girl makeout session seems so trite, so cliche for an uptight girl-gone-wild storyline. AND it went on for far too long. Far too long. AND Chris O’Dowd can really sell crazy dude with major issues, can’t he? I mean yipes.

Weirdos-Girls-300x199Now for more of what confused me: ADAM. What. I mean. What in the what. I don’t get him. Up until last week, I was adamantly in the Adam-is-a freakshow camp.  I don’t want Hannah with him, I don’t like him, I don’t get what is so appealing about him. Do Hannah’s choices regarding taking him back, working so hard to get him, make sense? Not to me, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen many a girlfriend of mine make some stupid fucking decisions when it comes to men. Hannah is weak. We knew she wasn’t going to give up on Adam. Sure. And I still think he’s a total wackjob who is only going to up totally screwing Hannah up. But this week caused me to waiver in my staunch opposition to him. I feel like Dunham tried to humanize him a little last week by informing us that Adam is in AA. That only made me think lower of him. This week, however, did a much better job of making him seem like an actual, functioning human. I’m glad we saw Hannah follow him to his tech rehearsal, if not only to remind me that he actually does something besides jerk off in his apartment. The car incident was unfortunate, and a flash reminder of why I still pretty much hate him. But the end. Oh the end! When he pastes “SORRY” all over an abandoned wall because it’s the only way he knows how to apologize to Hannah for PEEING ON HER (WTF)? That was epic. And there I was thinking, “that Adam may not be ALL bad.” But it didn’t erase all of my dislike for him by any means. It was a nice gesture, yes. One out of an indie rom-com, even. So much so, that it almost didn’t seem like Adam at all. If it’s a new side of him, one that we’ll get to see more of, then I’m all for it. If it’s just a one-off attempt to make him seem like a decent boyfriend, then shame on them.

But my biggest concern with this episode: NO SHOSHANNA! Fail. After her epic trip to crack crazytown, I was sad to see her nowhere in this episode. I was looking forward to the aftermath of that night.

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