Gift Guide for the HBO Lover in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner, and here at HBOWatch we love to help you get the best gifts for those around you who love the HBO life. From lower budget to splurging high, the HBO shop covers all shopping needs from clothes to DVDs to everything in between. So let’s get this shopping going!

Game of Thrones

The HBO store has soooo much for their flagship show.  Ranging from under $10 to almost $1,000, you can find anything and everything for the GoT fan in your life.


House Shot Glasses are available for $6.99 and come in a large variety of houses!  Those available are Karstark, Arryn, Baratheon, Martell, Tully, Frey, Bolton, Mormont, Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Greyjoy, and the pictured Targaryen.  Sorry Lannister fans, you’ll have to enjoy drinking out of a stemless wine glass instead.  These are available for $9.99.

Mid-range products available include calendars, coloring books, clothes, and even more drinkware.  But it is the high-end stuff where you can really shop.


Eddard Stark’s sword can be purchased for $300 so you can pretend to be fan favorite Sean Bean.  Death not included.

And if you really want some sparkle for the Khalessi in your life, the Breaker of Chains necklace of small dragon scales is available.  But be willing to shell out dough as this shiny necklace is available for $900.  Modeled after a necklace worn by Emilia Clarke in season 7, this statement piece will dazzle those around you.


Danny McBride 

vice-principals-logo-mug-959_670-300x300While Vice Principals may have ended after its second season, McBride fans can still enjoy his talents and humor with some VP and Eastbound & Down merch.  Vice Principals merchandise ranges from $12.99 for a poster to $49.99 for a hoodie, so you can easily celebrate your favorite VPs or rather VIPs in style.

The mug is perfect for any fan who needs to sip their coffee or tea while plotting someone’s demise.  It’s available for $14.99.eastbound-down-the-complete-first-season-blu-ray-122_670-300x300

But if E&D is more your speed, you can score anything from a shot glass for $6.99 to your own equipment duffel bag for $39.95.  But the kicker is the sale currently going on for DVDs and Blu-rays! A season of Eastbound & Down on Blu-ray is only $13.33 right now and DVDs are $10.  That’s all three seasons for less than $40!  What are you waiting for?!


News Junkies

Home to Real Time with Bill Maher and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO is no stranger to biting wit and snarky political commentary.  And who better to keep you updated on the current dumpster fire that is America.  If Bill is more your speed, you can get anything from a mug for $14.99 to a shirt for $24.99.


But the crown jewel is the collection of Bill Maher stand-up routines, each for $19.99.  The available DVDs include But I’m Not Wrong, New Rules, The Decider, Victory Begins At Home, and the pictured Be More Cynical.  last-week-tonight-with-john-oliver-tactical-assault-wipe_670

If John is your preferred comedian, two types of posters are available for $9.99, a mug for $14.99, or a variety of shirts ranging $24.99-$26.99.  Quite a range of awesome materials!  But I saved the best for last.  Available for purchase, for $100,000 (yes you read that right,) is a Tactical Assault Wipe.  The page even comes with a notification that you will be charged $100,000.  Oh, my!

More amazing HBO programming has merchandise available at the HBO store website.  From new arrivals to classic HBO fan favorites, you can shop to your heart’s content browsing the many gift options.  So whether you’re looking for your favorite Westeros House shot glass or your favorite political pundits and everything in between, visit the HBO Shop for all your Christmas needs!




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