GETTING ON: “Turnips…North Day…Yes, Yes”

GettingOn_Season2-300x110The preview for the third episode of the season gives us a warning – Jean Smart’s character, Arlene Willy-Weller, tells us “everything is completely unraveled” and we can be sure it will do just that in a rather absurd way. It also appears that the air conditioning is broken so who can know what kind of tempers could flare in that uncomfortable environment. It should be a real riot. We also have to listen for the words that make up this week’s odd title. I have fun discovering little things like that.

Episode #03 – Turnips…North Day…Yes, Yes

Another hectic GettingOn_Willy-Weller-300x281day on the ward begins. Remember, the show’s title refers not just getting on in years via the cycle of life, but also getting on with your workday whatever it may bring. To add to the stress on this particular day certain server failures cause all kinds of computer trouble and downed air conditioning.  But that failure has nothing to do with some of the problems that arise this episode. Dr. Paul Stickly (Mark Harelik) finds out that DiDi cancelled the surgery scheduled for Mrs. Weller because the patient declined to have it done. Since she has onset dementia, though it is argued that she is not in her right mind to make that decision. That, of course, makes Arlene Willy-Weller (Jean Smart, pictured) beside herself on what to do. Didi is also involved in a mix-up when the playful Miss Birdy was accidently removed from the ward instead of a deceased patient. I think mishaps are beginning to happen to Nurse DiDi Ortley that will prevent her from getting that deserved raise she hopes to get.

She is not the only one with issues here. In a hilarious routine Jenna James & Dawn try to assist Mrs. Doerr, a deaf patient. The glitch causes misinterpreted sign language bantered back and forth and is a hoot. That scene is where our title comes from. It all got lost in the translation as they say. Laurie Metcalf seemed to have all the funny scenes this week I think. Her character also deals with both the hospice program and the Weller case.  In the end Jenna discovers that the hospice program can still be lucrative and hard choices are made regarding Mrs. Weller. But, that doesn’t happen before more unraveling of the senses occur. What happens to Dr. Paul as seen in this clip, affirms that.       

This show and these characters seem to hit their best when they are falling apart, scrambling, and talking their way out of an odd moment that just digs them deeper into that proverbial hole. But, the big dilemma of the day isn’t any of the aforementioned. Dawn, accompanied by Patsy, is out to learn the sex of the baby. The gender of the baby is…uh! There is no baby and the medical reason is cited; all the symptoms and accessories that indicate pregnancy are there, including the hormones involved, but no growing life is in the womb. OK! Is this just more glitches in the system or is this a fact?

In the end the computers are up and another day ends – with some cello music being played by poor Dawn the results are apparently true. And that is not a spoiler because by the look of the comment section no one is watching this but me anyway. GettingOnS2Ep3-300x177

It is a madcap episode that is quite fun but also sets up some good direction for our characters. Where do Dawn & Patsy go from here? Is there relationship still good and have they bonded better after the false pregnancy? Dr. James stated herself in this episode that she “feels like a scientist in a doctor’s body.” Will the hospice pan out well enough to see some kickback for her research? She seems to be pushing it to the limit regarding making that happen. I already pointed a possible direction that DiDi might be heading in. She is getting blamed here and there for things not quite her fault. Will this hurt her in the long run? It is all up in the air and we are halfway through this. It could all go bad for them like some botched up sign language. Will all be resolved?  

Now, here is a chance to look back at episode 2 and a look ahead to Episode 4.



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