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GETTING ON: “The Revolving Door Admit”

by Jef Dinsmore
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GettingOn_Season2-300x110Before we launch into this episode we need to make our way past the preview for it which you can find at the Episode #4 posting. There seems to be a lot in the mix for the fifth installment. As we continue the theme set by this episode’s title we discover that there really appears to be a continual revolving door of problems and personalities as we ramp up to the season’s end.  This show sticks to a formula  that works when it comes to its story structure  so why change it.


Episode # 5- “The Revolving Door Admit”

This is an episode filled with a number of threads and moments that you needed to pay attention to or you’d miss something. Most episodes do that, but this one seemed overflowing. I think they ramped it up a bit just to strengthen the point that the hectic pace of the Billy Barnes ward can beat you up. Also, as expected, they wipe the slate clean of most of the instances from the prior episode and move on to new ones. For example, the fear of theGettingOn_half-sisters-300x225 HIPPA violations from episode # 4 must be resolved. I think that is because these day-in-the-life installments are not one day after the next. This episode could be a month after the previous one. That explains, for example how Didi’s half-sister Sherrie is now part-time help.

To pick up on the analogy used here this episode stresses over the revolving door of re- admitting patients back into the ward. Season One’s Ruth Lee and Varla Pounds are evidence of that. The constant strain of situations, personalities and medical issues make this odd hard day, even down to the malfunctioning automatic ward door, seem surreal. Where to start?  There is Didi’s half-sister Sherrie who is making nice to Dawn, but embarrassing and frustrating Didi. There is the return of Varla (Squibb) causing a ruckus yet again; Jenna James rambling on extra hard for her studies; Patsy getting an award that goes to his head; and one problem after another including escaped lab mice!

Let’s start with the arcing plotline of the season which is the implementation of the hospice program. Dr. Jenna James has embraced the program as a ploy to generate funds she can allocate to her research projects. You know, all that babble about anal-genital distances, fecal incontinence and the mice on floor 6? In this episode exactly what she is doing comes to bear when in committee Dr. Paul Stickley tries to reign in Jenna thus, putting the kibosh on the mice studies. She has one friend on her side though in Dr. Ann Killigrew (played by Mark Kay Place). Here is a clip of their friendly relationship.        

Oh, yeah I forgot to mention Jenna’s new look. She changed it, I think, because she is feeling confident that everything is going her way. Dr. Ann even eyes her up. Now is that a throw away moment or something that will be pursued later? That could depend if there is a seasoGettingOn_onBreak-278x300n three. One relationship that does stop short in this episode is Sherrie’s working relationship as she ends up fired in the end by Dawn. That whole plot thread is nice as it develops Didi’s back story and also shows how Didi & Dawn have each other’s back. They have trouble communicating that at times, and the words just come out wrong, but in the end their intentions are good.

Jenna is notorious for not carefully wording what she wants to say. Perfect example is in the breakroom scene when she states that some women don’t have what it takes to be a mother and that sometimes things work out thankfully for the better. Dawn, of course, takes that as a dig at her and her “blighted ovum” pregnancy. We know she takes it personally because of the coda to our episode. As the credits roll Dawn relates the incident to Dr. Paul, embellishing what was said of course, just as Jenna walks up. A great moment, but is it a deleted scene or did it actually play out? One other great moment is Varla buck naked and pinned between the broken automatic doors!

This post just scratches the surface of all the antics and banter that fills this episode. If you wonder about more than you just should be watch GETTING ON which concludes its season with one more episode previewed below.

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