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GETTING ON: “Don’t Get Any In You or On You”

by Jef Dinsmore
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GettingOnLogo_S3-300x86As is often the case with GETTING ON you can jump right into an episode smack in the middle of a hectic day maybe a few days past when you saw the characters last. (The last time can be found right here.) As is the case with this installment. It is a whole new day and all new challenges and patients await the staff of the Extended Care Unit of Mount Palms Hospital and it’s a doozy.


Episode # 14 – “Don’t Get Any In You or On You

The title of this week’s episode is spoken by Dr. James to Nurse Dawn in regards to the latest medical emergency. An overflow of sick cruise ship passengers have come to the ends.” Be prepared because it is a bit explosive!

Poor Marguerite, she replaces DiDi as the one who gets the bad end of every deal. Patsy gets the same barrage only worse later on in the scene. Anyway, note that the title can also refer to other matters at Billy Barnes – the emotive issues that are present. It seems to also say that you shouldn’t get caught up in patient’s lives, family squabbles and battles for life and love because if they get “in or on you” it can mess you up…and that is exactly what happens here. It seems these people are infected with the foibles and troubles of everyday life. I can break down each case in point.

GettingOn_JennaStein-300x188Jenna – She allows herself f to get attached to one of the infirmed brought in. While examining her she notes the numerals tattooed on her arm making the lady a Nazi concentration camp survivor. Jenna James feels proud and honored to aid a woman who has endured so much and is determined to heal her of worse ills than the intestinal distress she was brought in for. But, what happens from time to time on this show to in-&-out guest roles? In the end Jenna is heartbroken and aggrieved.  

Dawn – She, of course, has her own life threatening issues that she chooses to keep private. She has told no one but her husband and he is not there for her. DiDi didn’t even know, but at least by episode’s end she does.  

Dawn & Patsy – These two are allowing themselves to enjoy each other’s friendship, though it does have a flirtatious vibe to it. Exploring those feelings certainly can mess one up, but they both need it right now. They have nice, light-hearted moments here Oh, at first, Dawn wanted nothing to do with Patsy, but they soon find themselves connecting over their bond with Sammy, her mentally challenged relative.

DiDi – This tough broad is always trying to do the right thing and it often proves almost not to be worth it, except in this case. She takes action to provide care for her mother-in-law without consulting the rest of the family who all come down to work to confront her about it.GettingOn_S3E2-300x112

Marguerite – Yes, even she gets trounced on and not just in the clip above. She has worked hard at her job and in this half-hour she gets an envelope containing three letters notifying her, Patsy and Dawn that their jobs will be terminated in 60 days. She’s shocked to learn that the rumors about Mount Palms shutting down are true. 

Again, all these examples illustrate that always letting the dramatic, heavy issues of life infect you will hurt you, but such is the journey of GETTING ON with life. It all sounds so heavy, as if you were watching an episode of THE LEFTOVERS, but it is accented will silly moments all along the way, in fact, right up to the final creditsHere is the sneak peek at Episode # 15 – “No, I Don’t Want A Fucking Smiley Face”


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