GETTING ON Concludes After a Third Season


There is one more season of six episodes ahead for the hospital-set comedy GETTING ON before being discharged from HBO. Or, some may say, the plug as been pulled from its life support.

The show, starring Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash and Mel Rodriguez, never garnered big attention, but did apparently suit the needs of the network. It never was given a big marketing push or touted as a jewel in HBO’s line-up. That just confounded this writer as this was one of my favorite works on the schedule. According to statistics an averaged viewership of 1.6 million agreed with me.

GETTING ON reveals the story of the Billy Barnes Unit of a Long Beach, CA hospital as it struggles with the geriatric residents of the ward, to quite comedic results. Metcalf’s character (Dr. James) is mostly interested in research funding than patient care; ward nurses played by Borstein and Nash (Dawn and DiDi) battle their own issues alongside the ill; though some of their problems are not quite as serious and Rodriguez’ role  (Patsey) is to make it all a safe, smart and practical environment. What it all turns into is a hilarious examination of the system and the lives of all involved. It is at times a quite moving and touching series as well, all orchestrated by creators Mark v. Olsen and Will Scheffer.GettingOn_team

When last we left the staff they were on the brink of being sued for turning the geriatric ward into a “death mill” with the adoption of an aggressive hospice program. Their very livelihoods are at risk. How do they rebound from all this? Has the cash flow scheme damaged Dr. James’ research? DiDi’s asserting for a raise is a moot point if she doesn’t have a job; and the likelihood of Dawn and Patsey repairing their relationship seems more unlikely. They are all in a comedic cliffhanger.  

There is no premiere date set for the series return, though it has been running in Nov/Dec. nor are there details of how it all may end. You could, I suppose, look at the BBC original that this show is adapted from and see how they concluded their run, but, for me, I’ll just wait for the third and final season of HBO’s version instead. As always HBOWatch will review it when it returns.  Look for GETTING ON later in 2015.


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