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GETTING ON: “Am I Still Me?”

by Jef Dinsmore
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GettingOnLogo_S3-300x86Once again, we leap into this episode by associating it to the title of the piece and find some interesting connections. I don’t know if Olsen & Scheffer expected that from us, but that question was popping up in this writer’s mind even though it was only uttered rapidly in a silly Jenna rant. This fourth installment of the season also has great guest appearances and two deaths. They pack a lot into this one. (Here is the last one if you need it.)

Where to start? Well, Jenna James is all beside herself. Her big symposium is in the hospital and she is at her perkiest because it is her baby and she is targeting the award that awaits at the end of the event. She is tolerant of patient’s needs, sympathetic with Dawn and overly polite with guests. She is actually giddy and frisky. Hell, at one point she even has her hand in Dr. Rudd’s fly! Her inner thoughts are clearly saying – am I still me?

Oh, no DiDi what are you doing? The Ortley family finally wear her down and convince her to move her mother-in-law out of Billy Barnes. When the hospital is out of the needed antibiotic med DiDi gets in on the plan to smuggle Mama O out of the joint. This is a big 360 for this character. She is at the threat of losing her job. Is she doing the right thing? DiDi must be thinking – am I still me? We will have to see if there are repercussions.

As usual Dawn and Patsy just take things too far. We can’t expect less of them, but you’d think at this point in their lives they’d ask the title question in their internal dialogues – am I still me? Am I listening to myself just now? Patsy announces to the room that he is gay. Is he or just trying to gain sympathy from Dawn? Dr. Rupp gives him some, but Patsy wasn’t looking for it from him. When Dawn ends up alone with him she has the opportunity to be supportive and chooses to one up him by stating her dialysis is going terrible and not helping, when actuality her doctor gave her good news in an earlier scene. Will you two juGettingOn_PippaJoanna-300x263st listen to yourselves?

Now for the surprises. Both Jenna James and Dawn Forchette look themselves in the mirror and see their doubles only they are guests at the symposium. And what guests they are. Dr. Pippa Moore and Denise Flixter (pictured) arrive and they are the counterparts of Jenna & Dawn in the original U. K. version of GETTING ON. They are played by the original actors Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan. Of course, our Jenna and Dawn would claim they were nothing like these ditsy Brits. What a treat.

Lastly, we the deaths this week. One death was Jenna’s mother which she was told about over the phone and which added to her crazy day. But, that was not the shocker. Now people die on this series, but we really didn’t think Miss Birdy Lamb (Ann Guilbert) would be one of them. DiDi was there with her when she died and at episode’s very end Jenna sat with her as well. RIP Miss Birdy.

Her death might have just reset our character back to their default mode. We will see when Episode #5 – “Please Partake of a Memorial Orange” airs. Check the preview.    

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