Getting Into the VICE (Season 2) Mindset II


VICE on HBO has released two more videos as its ramps up for Season Two. Man, VICE just likes to punch us in the face with the hardcore, doesn’t it? Well, so does this HBOWatch writer. I’m excited about the sophomore run of the show and I’m going to be in your face about it. That is the reason for this post and the continued look at the promos gearing up to the season’s premiere on 03.14.14 and through each episode weekly.

With the first video Shane Smith and company want to remind us of how VICE has amped up the intensity and reporting for the new season. Some of the new correspondents, featured in the last Mindset post, share why they are onboard and the significance VICE plays in telling the global news story. Not only do we get to hear sound bites from the fresh faces but our favorite scrawny kid Thomas Morton and worldly Suroosh Alvi also comment. Here is the first of two clips.   


I’m just guessing here, but the Climate Change report, that we get a sound bite from here, may just be the first piece of the season. But there is plenty of other stuff happening including the very much alive Klu Klux Klan and other raw stories from our country and others. I liked the comment Fazeelat Salam says about the fact that mainstream news hides so much about what is happening out there or just are ignoring the stories outright. VICE picks up the stories that all broadcast and cable news, whether 24-hour stations or not, do not show us.  It has my attention. Does it yours?

The second clip is entitled promo #2 and it starts with a hoot of a sound bite. Boy, that piece ought to be good; fuck, the whole season ought to be good! Now I know we have a lot of the same footage throughout the clips, but the way they are cut and the different sound bites (our man Thomas is featured heavily in this one) it keeps it fresh and exciting. Check it out.


Okay, I drilled you with it enough for now. But, I’m not letting up. If you are not in the proper VICE mindset by now there is no hope for you. You know, we all get worked up for our favorite offering from HBO and we are soon to be rewarded. The rest of you can get hot and bothered about the fictitious story of dragons and conquests if you want, but my excitement is for the story about what is happening in the real world right now! Peace.



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