Getting Back Into The VICE Mindset


Let’s get this clear this writer is always in the VICE mindset as it were. Ever since we stated reporting about VICE coming to HBO I have been visiting and also subscribed to the Vice Channel on YouTube. I am fully aware of the raw and volatile world we live in. So this piece is to help the rest of you prepare yourself for another round of VICE in case you are not immersed in its reporting like I am.

It is a mindset that may not or perhaps you should not be comfortable with. VICE will take you to the underbelly of society and to the hotspots around the world and show just how chaotic and/or odd it can be. And for its second seasons it appears they have upped the ante on uncovering the ways of the world. We have already posted the Tease for Season Two, but it is worth another look. Here it is.


As you can see VICE has all the elements we expect from them in place. We saw images of burning flags, men bearing arms of all kinds, impoverished places, splashes of cultural color, pyrotechnics and even a rhinoceros. They are all over the world.  As far as what reports are forthcoming it is quite evident that Shane Smith (VICE host) will look at Climate Change (it is not called global warming anymore) and the melting of glaciers. There is also a segment of him somewhere in the Middle East avoiding IUDs. We also see young buck Thomas Morton somewhere on Soviet soil tracking down nuclear explosions. There is, however, the glaring omission of Ryan Duffy.

 There are some noted changes in VICE Season Two. They have upped their number of correspondents. In the tease we see two new reporters in the field. First is a female talking about poverty somewhere in Asia followed by a man talking about anti-aircraft missiles somewhere in Africa. Though this means less air time for our Season One cohorts Ryan, Thomas and even Suroosh Alvi the logic of having other reporters out in the field makes perfect sense. This following clip introduces those new faces and explains their role.


There you go. Again, it makes logical sense to have reporters that can get into places that Americans may have a hard time getting in and out of safely. Though it may be a bit tricky to keep all the players straight it is to our benefit as we get more all-access passes into our world. In this clip we have seven new faces. We are introduced to Ben Anderson who looks in on a huge cache of cocaine; Vikram Ghandi who visits some tribal burial practices and Rocco Castoro who evidently does a piece on Islamic extremists. Also shown was David Choe whose piece is not made clear. Plus there is the addition of three women to the hosting chores- Fazeelat Aslam, Gelareh Kiazand and Milene Larsson. Notice that Shane Smith says our familiar reporters return and the clip shows Mr. Morton and Mr. Avi, but, again no Mr. Duffy. Hm? Is he banished to the ongoing story in North Korea perhaps?VICE_ShaneSeason2

We will have to see just how much airtime each correspondent gets in Season Two and whether or not Fareed Zacaria and/or Bill Maher will conduct the roundtable at the end of each installment.  Exactly where the season will be taking us is not clear but wherever we go it will be exciting. Here is a link to a prior post where EW talked to Shane Smith about the sophomore season. Let’s watch together and see if VICE has stories from all the various locales he mentions in this interview.  

VICE premieres 03.14 at 11:00pm right after REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER. HBOWatch will post about each episode every step of the way. Peace.

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