George R. R. Martin Working Towards More From the GAME OF THRONES Universe

People_GeorgeRRMartin-300x225There have been rumblings for quite a while that something more from the GAME OF THRONES universe was in the works. HBO, of course, doesn’t want its big cash cow to die, but the end game for the main series is in sight. But now, concept creator and writer George R. R. Martin has confirmed that new ventures into the milieu are in development.

That is amazing news, but what makes it more amazing is that it is not just one series but a total of four! Is it too good to be true?  

It is still way too early to say where these concepts will fit into the GOT timeline. Or even if they will all successfully materialize. Mr. Martin has been in a development deal for a few years now in an attempt to keep the “A Song of Ice and Fire” franchise alive and even bring potential new works to HBO. Just think of the possibilities for expansion. The early creation of a civilized Westeros and/or Essos could be explored. An examination of the reign of whoever finally seizes the Iron Throne is possible. Or there could be an opportunity to flesh out characters and regions of the story in some kind of companion piece like exploring the history of any of the Seven Kingdoms. Would you want to deep dive into the histories of the Wilding, the Sand Sisters or The Hound? And don’t forget Dunk & Egg.

It is all possible and we will pay close attention as these ideas develop. It is said, upon the conclusion of GAME OF THRONES that Dan Weiss and David Benioff would continue on the executive produce alongside Martin any of these forthcoming ventures. Writers have already been credited to fleshing out the potential series, one for each work. On board are Max Borenstein (Godzilla GOT_Banner-300x174and Kong: Skull Island) on one; Martin teaming with Jane Goldman (Kingsman and X-Men franchises) on one; Martin and Carly Wray of HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS and WESTWORLD on another and Brian Helgeland (Mystic River, A Knight’s Tale ) writing a fourth.                              

Is that exciting news or what? Feel free to speculate below on what possible stories you’d wish to see get its own treatment. We await in anticipation. We also await the premiere of GAME OF THRONES Season Seven debuting 07.16.17.

(Source: Deadline)

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