George R.R. Martin Hints At Season Three

George-RR-Martin-DVD-300x200Apparently, our favorite fantasy author just got back from England and Portugal (Lucky!) and took some time today to update his Not A Blog. Among other things, GRRM spoke a little bit about Season Three and dropped a few hints:

The TV show. I finished and delivered my script for season three of GAME OF THRONES. It’s episode 307, with the working title “Autumn Storms.” David and Dan seem to like it. Casting is in full swing for the new season, so I’m watching auditions every night. Froggy may be turning up soon, but don’t hold your breath. I’m too busy to devote much time to whipping up obscure clues.”

Looks like GRRM will write another episode for the show. This season, he wrote the script for Ep. 9: “Blackwater”, which i’m really excited for. The title for next season’s episode, “Autumn Storms”, is interesting and it has me curious as to what material it will cover.  With scripts being turned in and casting already underway, it sounds as though Season Three is coming together nicely. From what I understand, filming for the series usually takes place between July and December, so they should be on pace to continue that trend. Casting has been going on in London for the past couple of weeks and we are still waiting for confirmations. I don’t think HBO has made any official decisions for characters yet, but those should be forthcoming soon. If everything continues to run smoothly, I expect that the third season will probably premiere around April 2013.

Without getting spoilery, who would you like to see cast for Season Three? Personally, I would like to see the Reeds make an appearance (fingers crossed!).


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