George R.R. Martin Clears Schedule, Excites Fans About Winds of Winter


George R.R. Martin recently created a buzz throughout the Game of Thrones community when he made a post on his blog, announcing that he was canceling appearances at several upcoming conventions in favor of working on Winds of Winter.  Although Martin has asserted before that he will be straightforward about announcing when the much anticipated sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series will be released, many were quickly excited when the author finished his blog post with the note “Should I complete and deliver WINDS OF WINTER before these cons roll round, I reserve the right to change my mind.” Fans instantly jumped on this, eagerly hoping that Martin was suggesting he was close to finishing his book in the near future. TheWindsofWinterThe conventions Martin mentioned not going to were in September and November– just imagining Winds of Winter completed by then seems to make a lot of people giddy. If Winds were to come out soon, it would certainly be welcome, as the HBO show moves ever more quickly into territory not yet covered in the books.

Still, we should be cautious of over-excitement. While it is tempting to entertain hopes of Winds of Winter  in our near future, by now we know that George R.R. Martin is extremely careful and dedicated with his craft–which unfortunately entails a slow writing process.  In previous years, even when Martin announced he was taking a break from making appearances to work on his Dance with Dragons, it was still a long time before he announced the release of the bookUntil we have more concrete evidence of when Winds of Winter may or may not be finished, we should try to avoid disappointment by containing our excitement. Martin has promised us he is working on it and will let us know when it is finished. What else can you ask for? In the meantime, with Season Five of Game of Thrones soon upon us, hopefully we can find other things to look forward to as we wait for Winds of Winter.

Do you think Winds of Winter  will be released soon? Comment below!  Or read the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire novels while you wait.


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