Game of Thrones: The Steel of Valyria


Touted throughout the series as the best steel in the realm, Valyrian steel has some properties that regular steel does not. Said to be forged with blood or black magic, Valyrian steel has the power to cut down White Walkers. Though this fact is not widely known, many important characters have carried Valyrian steel throughout the show and as the Long Night approaches, let’s check in and see who is best equipped for some slaying.

maxresdefaultA large sword, Ice, is owned ancestrally by the Stark family. Though we see him use it rarely, Ned wielded the sword and it would have passed to his firstborn son, Robb. When Ned was executed, Tywin Lannister took the sword. Though Valyrian steel is notoriously difficult to work with, some blacksmiths still have the talent. Tywin has Ice melted and made into two smaller swords. One he gives to his son, Jaime, and the other to his grandson, Joffrey. Jaime later gives his sword to Brienne of Tarth, who names it Oathkeeper. Joffrey names his Widow’s Wail and sadly doesn’t get the chance to use it before he dies. Shucks. Though not stipulated in the show, the sword is taken over by Jaime.

As the steward of the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon is important in helping Jeor Mormont be the best commander he can be. Though Longclaw is ancestrally supposed to pass to Jorah Mormont, he got himself exiled. Jon is gifted Longclaw and we have certainly seen how well he wields it.

latest?cb=20170723083605Originally used in an attempt on his life, Bran comes by the Valyrian dagger from Littlefinger who actually used to own it. He sends it with an assassin to kill Bran. The dagger is later held by Ned. Well once Ned is gone, Littlefinger stopped by and scooped it back up. He holds onto it until meeting Bran and decides to give it to him. Interesting way to ingratiate yourself with someone’s family. Bran obviously sees this as pointless since he’s crippled and passes it along to Arya.

Let’s not forget Sam! When Sam takes Gilly back to his home hoping to provide for her and Little Sam, we see his ancestral sword. Heartsbane resides over the great fireplace. And after Sam’s dad acts like a real douche, Sam swipes it and heads off with his love and his child.

Brienne, Jaime, Jon, Arya, and Sam are all known to have Valyrian steel. Other swords exist but are not traceable. I have to say going into the final season, all my favorite people are pretty well stacked in steel to defend themselves. The Stark family, in particular, is well covered, which could make any upcoming deaths all the more painful.

I am patiently (okay, not so patiently) waiting for the end and all that’s easing my worry is knowing these people have Valyrian steel. Here’s hoping it does some good for them.

Which Valyrian steel weapon from Game of Thrones is your favorite? Leave us a comment below.


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