Game of Thrones: The Sexiest Men in Westeros

Hot-Men-258x300Below are five men I wouldn’t mind getting medieval on.  When you look at the wonderful world of Westeros, ‘medieval’ is the word that pretty much sums up their fashion sense, their technology, their transportation and their feudal system. Not to mention their men. As a 30 something healthy woman, I can tell you that several gentlemen from Westeros and Pentos have caught my eye. Before you raise a brow or shake your head, allow me to explain why I find these five men particularly sexy (I watched a few videos on YouTube to get the creative juices flowing, most notable Usher’s “Lemme See” video. I’ll politely say that it was music for the mood!)

Drumroll please…

tywin-sexy-200x300Number Five: Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) – I have a thing for older men. In fact, I should say this first post is in praise of an older man. What is not to like about Tywin Lannister? He is rich, powerful, commands hundreds of thousands of men, is tall, foreboding and he is a LANNISTER! There is something very sexy about a man who is in control. Make no mistake: Tywin Lannister is a man who has perfected the art of control. He knows what it takes to be on top and how stay there: strength, attitude and perseverance. Yes, he has done a lot of terrible things to stay top dog, but really, who has ever rose to such a high position and not done a few things to be ashamed of or try to hide? As a Lannister of Casterly Rock, Tywin embodies what it means to be a true lion and a patriarch: he brooks no insolence from his banner men, he collects his debts, he was a tough and stout military father to his children and cross him once, it’ll be the last time you ever cross him. The way the man carries himself, the way he wears his clothing, the way he drinks his wine – he possesses great wisdom and maturity. I say that the late Joanna Lannister was lucky to have a man who could hold his own in the Seven Kingdoms. The fact that he is wealthy, tall and debonair, with those steely blue eyes, just adds to his ‘sexy older man appeal.’

JAquen-Hgar-Sex-300x300Number Four: Jaqen H’gar (Tom Wlaschiha) – A woman must have a name! A woman must fall in love with those hypnotic eyes and accent! A woman really loves it when you talk in third person.The mysterious Jaqen H’gar makes his appearance towards the final portion of Season I. I’m glad they added him – he brings a secret, aloof sexiness to criminals everywhere. That is, if that is what Jaqen H’gar really is? After all, a man needs a name. A man has two companions. A man has a thirst. We know little of Jaqen H’gar. Um, well let me just clarify something, Jaqen: a woman has spent countless nights drowning in the blue depths of your eyes. A woman has had a smile a mile wide on her face. A woman becomes extremely excited when you grace the screen with your magentic presence. I almost wished that Arya was old enough to go away with him….to be enthralled by him, to become his significant other. Can you imagine both Arya and Jaqen, together as members of the Faceless men order?! Dynamite! Not to mention if Arya was old enough, they would be a couple. (Can you imagine how good looking their children would be?! It’s insane!) He’s an assassin. He’s a stranger. He has powers. He comes from narrow sea. Makes me want to get on a boat and sail to the free cities in Pentos. Because a woman wants to see more of Jaqen H’agar in the future. A woman is spellbound.

Jon-Snow-Sex-Naked-258x300Number Three: Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) – Those dark puppy eyes. That tortured soul. Those luscious curls I want to run my hands through. Is it any wonder why the bastard of Winterfell has made it onto my top five list? Easy to see: I am a sucker for underdogs, outsiders, bastards, cripples and broken things. I like the fact that Jon is gorgeous to look at. He knows how to handle a bow and arrow. He’s pretty good at fencing, too. Jon, you’ve had it rough. You don’t know who your mother is. You think Eddard Stark is your father. One thing is for sure: you have inherited the Stark looks. We women are happy about that! Jon Snow, the ranger. Jon Snow, the half-brother. Jon Snow, the virgin. Well, all I have to say is Ygritte is going to have some serious fun, north of the Wall with you! Jon Snow, you know nothing. However, education should never be denied to someone, just because they made a silly vow. I hope for your sake that you’re ready Jon Snow. When it comes down to it, never mind that sword of yours. Longclaw is not going to help you. In the battle of the sexes, your dark sullen looks will melt against the redhead who is kissed by fire. Can’t wait to see the ice caps melt. To see the sparks fly. To watch Jon go from being a boy to a man. I think all of us ladies can agree when I say, “Jon Snow, Ygritte is going to teach you SOMETHING!” The north doesn’t feel so frigid anymore, right Jon? Never mind the Brother’s of the Night’s Watch ancient and honourable order making you a man, Jon. Leave that all up to Ygritte. You’ll be very happy you did.

Sex-Kahl-Drogo-Dany-200x300Number Two: Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) – Over six feet tall, doesn’t speak a word of English, leads a massive army of warrior fighters, rides a powerful stallion….what else would you expect from Khal Drogo? That fierce physique, those penetrating eyes, the length of his….ponytail! Yes, remember he is the Khal because he has never been defeated. This guy looked like a killer on the battlefield. If I was a man, I wouldn’t want Khal Drogo as my opponent. But I am a woman and I like what I see! I am sure that the first time Khal Drogo graced the screen in Season I, female pulses went into overdrive. I know I almost dumped a litre of Perrier on myself. I ignored my husband. As in – ‘shut up and don’t talk to me right now’ – he complied! I thought, “Oh my GOD, who is this gorgeous, dark, dominant man?” Knowing that Dany was promised to him in marriage, well at first, I was jealous. Then, I felt sorry for her, being married off to a total stranger. Something tells me that Khal Drogo wanted to stand apart from the rest of his Dothraki tribe by marrying someone as ethereal as Daeneyrs. His height just adds to the dangerous side of him. His role as the leader cements his manly status amongst his people. His skills with knives, daggers and swords are unparalleled. But it is his sexual prowess and how he and Dany grow to love each other that ultimately conquered many women’s hearts, libidos and fantasies!

Tyrion-Sex-Lannister-Naked-207x300Number One: Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) – I told you early on that my choices would be eclectic. I meant what I said! For all of you ladies who are going to disagree with me, (which is perfectly fine) I’m going to tell you of the finer points about my number one man. Tyrion has a way with words. He can be direct, funny or seductive. The man has never allowed his place in life as a dwarf to bring him down. In fact, he enjoys anything and everything. Being of a unique stature adds to his sex appeal. I like his sarcastic comments. He reads a lot – meaning he is quite intellectual. He empathizes with people of various classes and abilities. I respect that and admire it. I dig the way he can control a situation and read people’s hidden motives. He is also quite a ladies’ man, which you would think, “there is no way that a guy like this could get with so many women.” Size can be deceiving! Well, if you have an open mind and don’t judge a book by its’ cover, you’ll find that Tyrion Lannister has many interesting facets to him. I like his sexual innuendoes and his flirtatious attitude with the ladies. I love the fact that he can put that rude and whiny little jerk of a nephew, Joffrey, in his place. Don’t even get me started on how he makes Cersei look like an idiot – that could be an entire blog post itself! I like the way he walks with a swagger. He knows when you lie. He knows when you’re up to something. The very fact that Tyrion is always a few steps ahead of everyone else is delightful. Comical, really. I like to think of Tyrion as a very adventurous college frat boy. He certainly lives up to his “ladies’ man” reputation and quite enjoys spending time with prostitutes and courtesans. I bet he is a very skilled and selfless lover. Tyrion is a naughty boy. One who deserves to be spanked!

Who do you think is the sexiest man in Westeros?  Vote in our poll and leave a comment below to show your… umm support! Your favorite Westerosian man is counting on you. Also, be sure to check out our article on the sexiest ladies from Game of Thrones.

UPDATE: It looks like Jon Snow is the sexiest beast in the wide world of Westeros with almost double the votes of his nearest competitor. Why is that? Is it the flowing locks? The sheepish unassuming charm? Is it because we opened this piece with a picture of a shirtless Snow? Jon Snow you truly are a beautiful bastard. Now get back to the wall! No ladies for you.

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