Game of Thrones: The Role Playing Game

Game-of-Thrones-RPG-300x169Joe Hoskins, a gamer and Game of Thrones fan takes a look at a new Game of Thrones themed Role Playing Video Game! Feel free to comment with your own thoughts below!

Here’s a little piece for the all the Game of Thrones fans, or “Thronies” if you prefer, that are also video game enthusiasts. A Game of Thrones video game will hitting the shelves in June with an original story in the Song of Ice and Fire universe. Some of you gamers that have read the books or watch the show may have already been nibbling on this morsel of info. However, I recently spoke with a fan of the books, who is also a gamer, and he had no knowledge of the upcoming release. I therefore felt justified in helping to spread the word for the rest of the uninformed.

Cyanide Studio actually started this project several years ago and made their first contact with George R.R. Martin several years before that. Initially, this was to be a game based solely on the book. However, in the time they have spent developing the game, the HBO series we all know and love came to fruition. With that fortunate happening, Cyanide Studio wasted no time in acquiring rights to the music from the show as well as incorporating other recognizable aspects such as look of the Iron Throne and house sigils. The characters you meet from the show will also feature the actors’ likenesses. Additionally, the actors who play Jeor Mormont and everyone’s favorite Spider, Varys (James Cosmo and Conleth Hill) have provided their voices for their characters in the game.

game_of_thrones-RPG-Striper-300x177As mentioned above, this action role playing game is not simply a retelling, as many developers of games based on books or movies are apt to produce. The game will feature an original story, which was supervised by Mr. Martin himself, and takes place amidst the events of the first book/first season of the show. You play as a couple of different characters who cross paths during their separate adventures. First, you will fill the shoes of a member of the Night’s Watch, Mors “Butcher” Westford. You will also be slipping on the robes of a Red Priest named Alester Sarwyck. Both characters are reportedly supplied with interesting backstories, but the only current information reveals Mors is tasked with hunting down a deserter of the Night’s Watch and Alester has recently returned to Westeros from exile and is on a quest for redemption. What happens along the way is anyone’s guess at this point.

Okay, now I’ll diverge into a little more specifics about the gaming aspect for those who are wondering. If this sort of talk makes you angry like Joffrey, then skip to the next paragraph. From the start, you will be able to choose your class and fighting style and make some customization choices therein. During combat you can slow time to ponder your attacks. Many have likened what they have seen of the gameplay thus far to that of Dragon Age, but the developers seem to prefer a comparison to Knights of the Old Republic or Baldur’s Gate. From what I’ve read, Alester will be able to sling some magic and I think it’s safe to assume Mors will be melee-centric, but he also has a pet dog that comes into play. Throughout your epic adventure, you will also be making decisions that determine the path your story takes toward one of four different endings.

I’ve always been rather picky when it comes to role playing games, but since it’s A Game of Thrones, I don’t think I’ll be able to refrain from taking a risk. At the least, it will be a 30+ hour experience in the realm of Westeros with a story that Martin approved and supervised. I wager one noticeable difference will be the content according to the rating. Without a Mature rating slapped on the game, it will undoubtedly seem a bit milder compared to the books and the series. I’m sure it won’t be that big of a deal and we can’t blame Cyanide too much for wanting to broaden their audience. I may wait for a few reviews to roll in before I commit, but chances are, if I can get some extra Ice and Fire, I will. And I’ll report back when I do.

Head over to the official page and be sure to pre-order the game on Amazon! The Game of Thrones RPG launches in May 15th.


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