Game of Thrones Telltale Game Review: Episode 4 “Sons of Winter”


The wait between episodes of “Game of Thrones,” may be hard, but fortunately there’s a new way to satisfy your craving for the world of Westeros. Telltale has released another installation of its “Game of Thrones” video-game, titled “Sons of Winter,” and the game-play is as entertaining as ever. By now, Telltale has already established that it is fully capable of translating the many things that we love about “Game of Thrones” into an interactive, gaming format. Whether you’re a fan of action, intrigue, or nuanced character development, Telltale has it all, especially in this newest episode where there is a satisfying mixture of all of those qualities. As the plot-line evolves, and the consequences of actions in previous episodes come into play, “Sons of Winter” proves itself to be one of the most entertaining installments of the “Game of Thrones” Telltale game yet.

“Sons of Winter” touches on all of the character story-lines of Asher, Mira, Rodrik, and Gared that have already been established in previous episodes. In Mereen, Asher interacts with Daenerys Targaryen and learns more about his friend Beshka, along the way. Later, Mira attends Tommen’s coronation feast and where political intrigue continues to play a heavy part in her storyline. At the Wall, Gared must face the consequences of his actions, but things may not be as dire as they appear, thanks to the help of a friend. Finally, however, the game becomes really satisfying as we reach Rodrik’s storyline at House Forrester and finally get some well-deserved revenge. Overall, the medley of character arcs ensure that the player is never bored and help to create a perfect balance between a slow-burning plot and a series of quick-payoffs which will leave the player satisfied but wanting more. 

“Sons of Winter,” exceeds one’s expectations of a video-game. With detailed story-telling and well executed character development, it is easy to forget you are playing a game written by Telltale, and not just interacting in the world that George R.R. Martin has created. The game is a satisfying way to get your “Game of Thrones” fix in between episodes, but also is notably high-quality as a stand-alone contribution to the world of video-games. I highly recommend it. 

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