Game of Thrones Supplants The Sopranos as HBO’s Most Watched Series Ever


It was only a matter of time. Each season HBO’s Game of Thrones took on more and more viewers. The trend lines looked unstoppable and unbelievable, frankly. But today,as its fourth season winds down Game of Thrones has officially supplanted The Sopranos as HBO’s most watched series of all time.  We took a look at the overall stats a while back but here are the numbers if you’re interested:


Note that the “total audience” numbers are different from those represented above when including encore showings, HBO Go watchers, etc. The advent of HBOGo may be one of the reasons The Sopranos has been usurped, in fact.  But also keep in mind that the series is only about half way through and The Sopranos reached its peak towards the end of its run.

Episodes of the show, which debut Sunday nights (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), have an average gross audience of 18.4 million viewers, surpassing the previous record set by the 2002 season of “The Sopranos,” which had an average gross audience of 18.2 million viewers per episode. Season three of GAME OF THRONES had an average gross audience of 14.4 million viewers per episode and season four will surely pass that number handily.

So break out the Arbor Gold, everyone! Game of Thrones is only going to get bigger, wilder and sexier as time goes on. Are you part of the army of 18.4 Million?
Be there Sunday night as the infamous “episode 9” takes place At the Wall.

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3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Supplants The Sopranos as HBO’s Most Watched Series Ever”

    1. The Sopranos is the third best tv-series of all time, even superior to Carnivàle, which i prefer. Game of Thrones is not even in the Top 30 of all time. It’s mindless entertainment, built for the lazy masses that don’t want to think about anything while they’re watching a tv-series. High production values alone don’t make a “piece” great. Season 1 was pretty decent, after that it became awful. The results pulled off by The Sopranos are much more impressive, considering it is an art series.

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