Game of Thrones Shatters Ratings Expectations

imagesRatings for HBO’s Game of Thrones have either been holding steady or consistently growing since the shows launch a few months ago.   With the season finale this weekend the show shattered all previous ratings benchmarks bringing in over three million viewers on Sunday night.   Adding in the show’s repeat broadcasts and you’re looking at almost four million viewers!  HBO was said to have been targeting about three million.  Compare that to the 2.2-2.7 million viewers that an average episode brought in and it’s safe to say HBO subscribers are captivated by A Song of Ice and Fire and those viewers pledging to stop watching after a certain main character’s departure were apparently glued to their TV sets like everyone else.  Check out more detailed ratings per episode here.  The second season of Game of Thrones was announced the day after the season premiere, though whether that had already been planned or it was based on the ratings of the season premiere, we can’t say.  You’ll have to wait until Spring 2012 for more Game of Thrones but we should have casting information for the new season soon.

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