Game of Thrones Sex Scenes as Explained by SNL

By now everyone is fully aware of the role sex scenes play in HBO’s Game of Thrones. the show’s sexuality might even be too hot to handle for some of the actors involved! There is great debate as to whether or not the show is helped or hindered by the borderline pornographic scenes that play themselves out on screen. SNL takes a look at how and why those porn scenes are in Game of Thrones by “interviewing” all of your favorite stars from the show. The result is pure hilarity. Take a look and decide for yourself whether or not Game of Thrones is too sexy for TV. Just remember, it’s not TV, it’s HBO.

Pretty funny stuff, SNL! We’re glad you’re watching the show so… closely. What do you think about the gratuitous sex in Game of Thrones? Do they take away from the story or add to it? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts and do mention whether or not you’re familiar with the source material (the novels).


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