Game of Thrones Season Finale To Be 69 Minutes Long


Who doesn’t love more Game of Thrones? With the third episode of Season Six coming out this Sunday, it’s hard to imagine Game of Thrones ending for another year, but the good news is that HBO has announced that this year’s finale will be the show’s longest episode ever, with a sixty-nine minute run time. The final episode, which does not yet have a title released, is remarkably longer than the average Game of Thrones episode, which usually runs at about fifty-five minutes.


This episode will be four minutes longer than the Season Four finale of the show, “The Children,” which was sixty-six minutes long, and until now, was the longest episode in the show’s history. For fans, this is good news. Not only does everyone enjoy having Game of Thrones on their television screen a little longer, but the writers of the show could be using the extra length to show-case an important development in the plot, perhaps finishing of the season with a final, long scene devoted to an important plot point (Daenerys sailing for Westeros? We can hope!). Moreover, Game of Thrones finales can often feel rushed as the writers try to tie up numerous plot lines and set the stage for action in the upcoming season, so if used wisely, so a little breathing room may give us a more finessed, enjoyable end to what will hopefully be an amazing season.

While it’s no fun to anticipate another Game of Thrones season coming to an end, at least we know the finale will allow us a little more time to say goodbye to our favorite characters than we can usually expect. Rarely has a Game of Thrones finale been anything short of epic, and the notable length of the final episode of Season Six means we will have even more to enjoy than ever this year.

What do you look forward to seeing in the Game of Thrones finale this year? Comment below!

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