Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere: “Winterfell”


Admittedly, my heart is still amped up and my head reeling and ready for the rest of the season, but let’s take the proper moment to appreciate the season 8 premiere of our favorite, fantasy show. Game of Thrones is known for pulse-pounding moments and reeling revelations, but the premiere kept that toned down a bit until the end of the episode. And I think that this episode is exactly what we needed to dip our toes back into Westeros.

Much like the beginning of season one, we see an entourage coming to Winterfell. Instead of Robert Baratheon, we have Dany and Jon. Coming as newly forged allies, not everyone is thrilled to see the Dragon Queen. What they know about her is only her father’s legacy and while she is not him, they don’t know that. And even after Jon reassures her to give them a little time and show them she means well, her little smirk when the dragons flew overhead worried me. That’s more “Look how intimidating I am,” and not “My dragons are here to help.”game-of-thrones-premiere-quotes-season-8-dw

Sansa’s reception was honestly probably what I would say in the same place. She didn’t agree to bend the knee. What she would have likely suggested is what everyone else is slowly coming around to. Jon didn’t have to bend the knee if they got married. He’s a king, she’s a queen, seal the marriage deal and boom, you’re good. Sansa’s worries are for her people, which as Lady of Winterfell, she’s entrusted to take care of but now she’s got how many more people to feed and dragons. Dany’s comment about they eat what they want… Really, Dany? You know she has valid concerns and you mock them? I was starting to not like her personality as much last season and now this…

ie_13740But Bran’s reception was truly the best. There really isn’t time for everyone to just sit and chat. They need to begin making plans and get moving. But the fact that he wasn’t immediately like, “Ugh, Jon…we gotta talk. I know who your mom is…” was certainly puzzling at first. But when the moment unfolded itself, it actually made sense. More on that later.

We see Arya and Jon together again and I was getting ready to cry, y’all. Even though we saw so little, their dynamic was always one of my favorites. They are both a little rougher for the wear, but what I want to know most is who has the higher body count? Realistically, it’s probably Jon but Arya took out the whole Frey house so that counts for a bit. In the Sansa/Dany battle, Arya is firmly behind Sansa and even though Jon is surprised, I’m not. Everything about them and their relationships is about the importance of family. Tully mother. Family, Duty, Honor. And their own father’s quote from last season, “When the cold winds rise, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” They rely on their family and even though Jon’s not a true Stark, they are disappointed about his decision to partner with Dany without consulting the family. And I get it. Sansa even asks if he bent the knee for the North or because he loved her. And it’s a valid question!

image?’s conversation with Tyrion was another reconnection I was excited about. Tyrion caught on pretty quickly that Sansa was learning how to navigate King’s Landing more politically and he knew how smart she really was and would keep learning. But that he would still trust Cersei’s word? Oh, Tyrion. You know your sister has wanted you dead more times than you can count and you believe anything she has to say? Poor, disappointed soul you’ll be.

Euron makes his way back to Cersei with the Golden Company, though lacking the elephants she was so excited for. While she means to keep Euron waiting, she’s lonely and gives in to his wishes. In truth, she likes his audacity because no one else has that much audacity except her. They both know it. But while Euron is busy with that, Theon rescues Yara. Her reaction was truly LOL-worthy and I have to say the personalities of the characters shone quite brightly this episode and I liked it. Yara will retire to Pyke to prepare for a potential safe retreat (I see this becoming an important piece later) and though she entreats Theon to come to take their home back, he has another home he’s worried about.


Back in Winterfell, Dany is worried about the dragons not eating as much. They don’t like the cold. But they certainly have some fun flying around, chasing through it. How did neither of them have watery eyes when they landed? I mean, suspension of disbelief and everything, but Jon and Dany were flying through winter wind and had no tears? Pfft. We see another great reunion between Arya and the Hound and Arya and Gendry. Admittedly, Arya’s been off doing a lot so she’s got a lot of people to catch up with. I wish to know more about this mysterious commission she’s given Gendry. I suppose we will, but I’m so curious now!!

We got confirmation of more of our favorite side characters still being alive as they make their way to Last Hearth. Dolorous Edd, Beric, Tormund are still around and make a startling discovery. Death is marching to Winterfell and it’s not far off. Sam is doing what he can to help and gets the chance to meet Dany for good news and bad. Poor Sam. The acting quality of that moment was beautifully sad. The pain on his face is done so well. When Sam comes up for air, Bran tells him that it’s time for Jon to know. Back to this, I think Bran knew things had to kind of progress the way they did. Other conversations or moments needed to occur before the time was right. And even though we’ve known for some time, we get to watch as Jon’s world comes crashing to a weird halt.

Big decisions need to be made and made quickly. How will Jon proceed with this new knowledge? Could marriage be in the future? Would Dany be willing to forgo the throne for the rightful heir?

So many questions and time to ponder as we wait for next week’s episode.

For now, check out scenes for next week and behind the scenes footage!

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