Game of Thrones Season 2 Preview Tonight!

GameofThronesTrailerSeason2-300x168Tomorrow night Tonight just before the new episode of Boardwalk Empire, HBO will be previewing the new season of Game of Thrones in a behind the scenes special!  Set your DVRs to record at least 30 minutes before the 9PM PST/EST broadcast of Boardwalk Empire’s new episode this Sunday night.  We’re sure you’ll be watching anyway after last week’s subtly amazing offering.  Check your local listings just to be sure!

This will be the first time anyone has seen so much as a photograph from the new season.  As of yet we’ve only seen behind the scenes photos that are vague at best so it will be great to finally see some video and/or a trailer for season two!   We;re excited to see what all of the new characters looks like in costume!  If you haven’t already seen the first two Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailers give them a watch while you wait (though there isn’t much there!)  We’ll update this post Sunday night with the embedded video straight from HBO headquarters.  Be sure you catch it on HBO tonight at ~8:30PM PST/EST and check back with HBOWatch for a second viewing!

UPDATE: Here you go Game of Thrones fans! HBO DOES love you!

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